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Other injuries at time of SCI?

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    One cracked rib in my back caused two tiny chips out of the T4 which made my spinal cord swell causing a complete injury. Along with 2 cracked ribs on the front left side, left shoulder break at the end of the clavicle, paralyzed left diaphragm and three cracked molars.
    Ten days in intensive care and then three days later I ended up with an enormous amount of fluid in my lung cavity which nearly did me in again – twice. They stuck a tube in my right cavity one day and drained that one then two days later had to do the other one. They never did figure out why it happened.


      T7-8 from a sledding accident, the tree won.

      I also had some broken ribs, and scapula.

      They probably slowed my rehab down a bit, but I just had to work through it.
      There wasn;t an option of waiting for them to heal.

      About 1 week out I also had a bowel perforation that lead to an illieostomy, which while a crisis at the time, has turned out to be a good thing.

      eta .... and reading the above post, I also ended up w. fluid in my lungs. Had almost forgotten that, LOL
      T7-8 since Feb 2005


        Kevin had:
        T12 complete injury with (now) 11 surgeries.
        Broke all Spinal Processes from T4-L3
        Spiral Fracture of right femur
        Double, nondisclocated, fracture of pelvis
        Bruised right lung (amazingly never got pneumonia)
        Second surgery develped an infection that resulted in failed hardware and replacement 3 months post.
        3rd degree burn on his right calf from shower water.
        Of course usual NG tubes and IV's.
        And a drug dependancy that will probably kill him before he's 30.


          I got a whole load of broken ribs and a collapsed lung. They got better, the SCI did not.
          The accident that broke my back was probably the result of an injury that had happened several years previously. I had broken my skull in 1990 and they think that is why I started having petit-mal epilepsy in 1997. It started in an inconvenient place - I was setting up for a group of kids to try abseiling and climbing, putting a rope round a tree at the top when I had a seizure and fell over the edge. At least it did not happen whilst I was driving the kids there in the mini-bus.


            Originally posted by lilsister View Post
            Jim had: complete c5
            broken nose and LaForte III (broken facial bones)
            fractured pelvis
            compound fracture right arm
            fractured left kneecap
            broken jaw
            ... snip
            Holy crap!

            Wisconsin to support ESC. He's quite the guy!
            No shit. To recover from that, amazing. You must be very proud of him.


              A guy that I was in rehab with was a contractor that was electrocuted. He had pretty bad burns, was incomplete and his sensory function was as screwed up as anyone I have heard of before. His pain seemed like it was off the charts.


                I was in a quad accident. I have very little memory of the day and the hospital stay, I had
                *Burst fracture t-6
                *fracture in neck
                *broken clavical
                *several broken ribs
                *two collapsed lungs
                *serveral chipped teeth
                *blood on brain
                *minor cuts and scrapes
                Because of the two collapsed lungs, I ended up with pneumonia, and had a shaking belt around my lungs, and with several broken ribs, I have terrible memories of that!
                Broken clavial made it difficult to do anything in rehab, other than them stretching me mostly. And still affected by it.
                I have more to claim.
                I have to fight through the hard places
                to go and get it!

                most recent video:



                  Freak Motorcycle accident ...( Quadraplegic )
                  I Dont remember much because I was in a coma .
                  According to my mother here is some of it ;
                  Lost feeling Sensation from my neck down to my toes .. Broke my neck really bad and had to have special plates and bone grafts in it . Had a Trachatomy Was on life support etc...
                  Coma Surgeries to stabilize my shattered body .
                  Punctured lungs
                  Broken Ribs

                  Over the years I had alot of surgeries internally etc...
                  My hips always bother me
                  Dislocated right shoulder lmao this pain is terrible when I try to sleep and my shoulder pops out of socket ...

                  Just making the best of life and I have no regrets

                  Happy to be alive

                  Sincerely ;