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Thoughts on this surgery?

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    Thoughts on this surgery?

    My friend is out on workman's comp and has gone through physical therapy, steriod injections into her C6/C7 epidural cavities and is still in chronic pain.

    The first opinion post MRI is that her C7 is herniated and C6 is herniated and is hanging onto a nerve. So, the doctors are recommending that she have her C6 disc be removed with an 80% chance of pain relief.

    Big decision, she is mostly healthy and doesn't have any other issues beside chronic pain and inability to perform her job as an LNA because she can no longer lift more than 20 lbs. Her left arm is being damaged by the pinched nerve. She wants to get a second opinion. She lives in the Boston area.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Yah I just talked to her and she is worried about a scar on her neck? I don't think she realizes how bad this shit can get. I never knew they would go to such extremes as to remove the disk. It sounds like screwing that much with the spine would totally cause swelling which would lead to paralysis for some period of time.
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      Get the surgery. I went to long and my vetbrae and discs punched a hole in my spinal cord. I am 20 months post fusion and still don't know if I will ever feel healthy agian.


        She should get the surgery. I waited too long (I had a lousy doc that didn't diagnose properly, or at all for that matter) and will have life long deficits because of it. Nerve damage is often very permanent.

        It sounds like she has complied with allof the les invasive treatment so far, and will soon have no choice. Chronic pain is a good reason to get it done soon.
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          Thank you...I am passing this information on. Does anyone have an idea of who to contact for a second opinion? She got her first one from a little town in Cow Hampshire and I want to make sure she gets reliable information and the smallest scarring possible. The scar is by far her biggest fear.
          I wished upon a falling star, I wished it had not fallen...


            I had surgery on my spinal cord which is what gave me my SCI. I am missing my laminae fro C3-C7 so I would think on disk would be just fine. I have full mobility and no fusion at all