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This gimpy dude is driving me nuts!

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    This gimpy dude is driving me nuts!

    So I just bought a house and moved in last month or so, and I have a gimpy neighbor a few houses down. Not SCI, but he is missing a leg and cant bear weight on the other. He's tall and fat like me, and he uses a power chair. No surprise.... he wants to be best buds. Whatever. The 3+ calls a day and him dropping by whenever he feels like it........ AAARRRGG! That's bad enough, but now he's asking for things. He seriously has been asking me to run errands for him even though he knows my van is broke. Bing me cigarettes, bring me icecream, go return this for me..... Uh, no. I'll grab something for him if I'm already going to the store but now any time I go out he wants something. He's less gimpy than I am, but he won't do ANYTHING for himself.

    Ok I'll get to the point. I have two modes, super nice and super ass hole. My super nice is all used up. I don't mind tearing in to him and telling him what a pathetic ass hole he is, but he's a neighbor and I don't want the awkward glares etc. Any suggestions on how to handle this?
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    In a calm and self assured manner, in full belief that what you are saying is reasonable "if it's an emergency call me but otherwise I don't like doing your chores so don't ask me"' nothing more. Not aggressive but unfriendly enough that he should be less enthusiastic about your friendship.

    Alternatively just ask to borrow $10,000, that should finish it.


      Knock his f'n teeth down his throat. JK, I'd tell him to quit being so f'n lazy and that he's used up all of his free rides. Then, everytime he asked for a "favor", I'd say, sure, twenty bucks.


        Originally posted by brocko View Post
        Alternatively just ask to borrow $10,000, that should finish it.
        Oh, I like this one too.


          write a letter explaining and defining your boundaries. be firm about ur not wanting him to bug u all the time. say that once in awhile you do not mind getting things for him but as you are capable of doing for himself, so can he. perhaps list some places that can help him get services he need and state that the great thing.

          if he calls, ignore them. if he drops by, don't answer the door.
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            I'm just going to toss this out there . . . I would mentally and physically destroy him. jk just wanted to say destroy. In all seriousness 1 solid round house kick would totally end the friendship.
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              Say yes, and then just flake. "Sorry Dude, I know, I know - you've reminded me five time, but I forgot it again."

              As to the house visits, "Sorry man, now's not good for me". Shut door.

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                CSpine sucks at round house kicks...
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                  Don't answer the phone or the door when he calls or comes around. Eventually, he'll get the message, you won't have to say/do anything.

                  However, I do like the idea of the borrowing $10k or tell him it's $50 for every errand..


                    Have you tried telling him in a nice way you don't like being his keeper? I wouldn't get harsh unless needed. Just explain to him you'd like to be friends but that doesn't mean you want to do his errands for him.


                      Thumbtacks and/or a Moat come to mind.

                      Or a bb gun.
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                        When he asks you to do something for him, just say that you have other plans and that he will have to make his own arrangements for whatever it is that he wants you to do.

                        When he calls incessantly, just tell him that you are busy right now and will get back to him when you have time to do so...(thinking to yourself "and that time is when hell freezes over", and since we are having a nice sunny day here in Eugene looks to be some while).

                        You may need to ask him what he did before you came around to get all of his things done, and then remind him that he has to use it or lose it.
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                          Congrats on the new house!

                          I have such a neighbor. My answer? The following stated nicely and firmly.

                          "You have to help yourself. I'm neither a social nor a miracle worker."

                          Lather, rinse, repeat as needed.

                          I've had people show up saying they were bored and these individuals have clued in that I am never. I'm not the entertainment committee for those not interested in dong the work in their own lives. If someone truly needs help, I'll do most anything to assist as long as I know that person is doing everything within her/his power to help themselves.

                          If not? Thank you, drive through.

                          Don't whip out weapons grade nuclear asshole Cspine. Do let him know you can't and won't do for him what he needs to do for himself.

                          Hope you and Mrs. Cspine enjoy the new digs.


                            Just start non-chalantly ignoring him when you see him, always make an excuse you're busy & can't chit chat, don't answer your door, don't return calls. It works.

                            Been there, done that w/ another quad guy....only heard from him when he wanted something, esp. when I got my van. IRRITATING!


                              the thing is though, It isn't that he can't or won't do those things for himself. He likes cspine, and is making excuses to see or interact with him. likely being pathetic is the only way he can get anything from anybody. he just does not know how to interact in a non needy way to get someones attention.