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    I'm spending more and more time on FB. Reconnected with all my old high school buddies, and gals, and we give each other shit all day long as if we were still in school. None of them have changed, most are rabid right wingers, lol, but we have fun with our differing political views, not like here, where there's animosity. We all love each other still, we were a very close class. The best ever, anywhere, ahem

    Seems like just yesterday to me, maybe that's why I'm spending more of my free time on FB than here. Haven't seen those guys in over 30 years, and it's as if I just saw them an hour ago. Weird, but in a good way.
    Originally posted by Obieone View Post
    Do you think the newer social networking communities - Facebook for example - have had an impact on CC ? Someone pointed out the possibility to me awhile back and I've thought alot about it ever since ..... when CC was in its infancy they were still being choreographed. People's time is limited and perhaps the need for comradery has been better served in smaller more specific communities - which in turn has impacted the climate here a little (or a maybe lot )

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      To me, life happened.... when I was newly injured with no kids or husband or home to care for I posted more.... I check in most days but rarely reply.
      Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.


        Originally posted by crypticgimp View Post
        i've been living life and enjoying freedom! i lurk but am often too tired from research to post any intelligent response...
        Good to hear you are enjoying your freedom!
        I must be the last person in the world that does not do Facebook!


          Originally posted by LindaT View Post
          I must be the last person in the world that does not do Facebook!
          Not quite, I'm not there with you too!


            Originally posted by LindaT View Post
            Good to hear you are enjoying your freedom!
            I must be the last person in the world that does not do Facebook!
            thanks linda! for me fb is just easy to keep in touch with family members/large groups of friends that are spread out over the world.

            freedom is good but has left me exhausted. this is the first weekend that i have been home and it feels strange lol hows ur fam doing?
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              I'm still here, from time to time. It's been 6 years since my son's accident and I find I need the site less and need other contact more. But I wasn't run off or left with any hard feelings, just a need to move on with our lives.
              And, it seems, everytime I come back lately someone has died. Starting to get a little paranoid about coming back. And a whole lot sad.


                Infrequent poster these days but one of the original 50 or so 10yrs ago when Cando became CC and I was about 1yr post. In the beginning, we only had like 10 forums if that and many of us became mods, etc. Topics back then hadn't been rehearsed, reviewed and recycled as they are now. Attacks weren't anywhere near a vicious and swearing wasn't allowed at all.

                But like most things, growth and change are inevitable. Relationships, Families, jobs, extracurriculars, start and should, encourage people to move forward.

                I find that generally people, places, events and experiences in life can be summed up as; A reason, A season, Or a lifetime. CC can be each of these and probably was/is to most old and new members. It can be a much needed lifeline to some, a buoy to others or a bridge to the other side of life. CC for a time was an absolute lifeline for me in '01, 02 but then more of a parking spot for '03, '04 and more of a bridge that I could/would occassionally cross, and still do in the subsequent years, to check on members and take the temperature of the community.

                Ten years later CC is still a valuable place to get information if you can wade through the morass and infighting. To me staying here day after day gets very stale and breeds a certain level of apathy because its guiltless. Not a bad thing for some, and quite possibly very necessary. But, for me, CC filled a reason while I stayed a season but not a lifetime.

                Onward and upward,



                  Yes, Chris, spot-on insigts as usual. But I can’t be the only who posts occasionally hoping to lure you back. I do still have a rejoinder perculating to one of your old threads. So please keep an eye out.


                    Still here

                    I have a post on that list of topics you had a link to. To answer your question "Where are they now", I'm still here and still visit this site a few times a week.


                      i am at CC everyday, but mostly in the care forum... so i don't think anyone would notice here in the life forum if i went missing!

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                        I have been a member since 2001 and try to post if I can address someone's question. I check the forum on a regular basis but use it mostly for research and entertainment purposes.
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