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I'm sooo DONE!!!! :(

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    Becky, the last year or so that I lived with my mom I practically reversed my schedule entirely, sleeping in the daytime when I could and then staying up after she had gone to bed. I was starting to feel like some sort of Vampire, only active after everyone else was asleep, but it all changed when I finally got out and could live on my own.

    Oh yeah, a happy fu**ing birthday to you kiddo!


      Your doing the right thing by venting here. I believe this is the main reason for this web site. My physical disability at times is nothing compared to the mental strain that goes with our struggle. Thanks for sharing your situation it helps me knowing I am not alone in these type of situations.

      I wish I could give you some words of wisdom to make your pain bearable, but I am not that good. Hell I can't control my own. I do know when times are the bleakest for me I have received more help here then anywhere else. Time will help some, but for now all I can contribute is to throw yourself as much as possible into your work, and keep returning to this site. You are not alone, I am on your side and do truly hope you figure out something to help with your pain.

      From one bitcher to another.
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        no, she doesnt get it, but I sympathize, my elbow and shoulder is hurting very bad today.


          I am glad Kate put it into perspective

          Seriously, the day I had my accident, I think my mother developed her mental illness. Back before cell phones, if she heard an ambulance (and we lived in a small town) she would call and make sure I was at home. If I didn't answer the phone, she would call everyone and everywhere that I could possibly be.

          It just continued to get worse over the years.

          Now that I am 2500 miles away, I answer the phone only when I want to and I text to let her know that I am fine.

          Becky, I don't think you are too old to live on campus.
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            My stepgrandma went to college, lived on campus, at 55. Determination moves mountains.
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              Happy Birthday. I wouldn't let her know what I was doing if I were you. Let her ask next time where you're going. The less you see her the better until you get done school and move out. Best wishes. Cher


                Bethany- So true about determination! I guess my view is I have done it for almost 30 years so I guess I just want to try to stick it out. I know sounds really dumb.

                Cher- I usually don't let her know what I do until she asks. I guess thats where I go wrong. When I have minimal contact with her during the week it is the best week of my life. I feel awful saying that since she is my mom but it is true! The whole get done with school and move has been my plan since I was about 11 years old!

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                  Hang in there Beck. In the mean time, Happy Birthday.