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Death of a carecure member

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  • Death of a carecure member

    I don't even know how to start this post except with the blunt truth - Heath Moran ("heathquad") passed away tonight. After experiencing some symptoms of a stroke or other serious problem, he went to the hospital. During the scans to diagnose him, his heart stopped and they were unable to revive him.

    I will post more details later because I can't even bring myself to think that there are details to post later. I am in shock, have been hysterically crying since I found out. He is my best friend, hands down, and I counted up that he either lived with me & Chad up here in North Carolina or by me down at his house in Alabama for about 4 months during the last 7. He is so funny, charming and has the most delicious southern accent ever heard. I will miss him so much.

    Please please please send prayers to his children (daughter Courtney age 15, and son Ben age 12), his family and all of us who love him. Oh my god, these are not words I thought I'd ever write.

    A few pics I opened up as public to all on my FB:
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      Sorry to hear this sad news, Ami.

      Rest in peace, Heath. You will be missed.


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        Sorry Ami. Call me back if you need to.
        I'm really tired of paralysis and all it brings.
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          Oh, I am so sad to hear...

          Heath and I have chatted a lot before in times past.

          He loved his friends and family so much. Those two children were his life.

          An all around good guy, and a good friend.

          Rest in peace, Heath...I know you are with God and now you are free...and no more pain.

          Tears here too...such a young man. He will be missed. In shock too, almost beyond words...

          Godspeed to his friends and family.



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            I don't think I know Heath Moran (was that his CC name?) but I'm sorry to read this. RIP.

            Edit: Thanks, Teena. We exchanged posts on occasion. Again, very sorry to read this.
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              His CC name was HeathQuad...


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                Or dear, I am so sorry to hear, my condolences to his family, and to your family as well Ami.
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                  My heart and head are not wrapping around what has happened tonight.

                  Heath, miss you already.


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                    i saw his facebook status saying that his vision was very blurry when he woke up. so sad how fleeting life is. i'll miss him. my thoughts go out to his family, he was very close to his kids.
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                      F&*k sci, forever. I'm so sorry, Ami.


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                        life is just not fair


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                          Sorry to hear but at the same time wondering if it was or wasn't directly related to SCI. This might not win me many friends but I think we all need to take a deep breath & not make assumptions.


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                            canuck: it was for sure sci-related, 100%, no doubt.

                            SCI steals and robs from all.
                            Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager


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                              Ok thanks for letting us know. I'm just don't believe in jumping to conclusions.