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Sorry for my typographical errors and stuff

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  • Sorry for my typographical errors and stuff

    Hi everybody ;

    I wrote this because I do not have the precise dexterity to type .
    It is frustrating that my hands cramp up so very badly no matter how hard I try .

    In the past i've tried using voice recognition software but because of my weak voice the engine doent pick up my vocal pronunciations correctly and I am not using the software anymore .

    Sometimes people with SCI like mine know what I mean by horrible hand cramps and bent fingers etc ...
    For the most part I really appologize for my miss spellings or typos .

    No matter how hard I try to get over the fact my left hand is just a nusaince , plus I am technically a lefty southpaw and I used to not let the cramps get to me but over the year's they got worse .

    For the last 3 years I have relied on trying to use my right hand more but because I am a lefty at heart I get frustrated with the circumstances .
    My right hand hurts like heck but I use it more now than ever thus typo city central here .... A whole new learning part of life for me .

    We all have quirks that bother us . Mine is I just trying to figure out how to re train my left hand to be more efficent but it is a rough road for better words lol . My whole left side of my body is like somebody shut off the main switch and turned 1/2 myself off .

    Just please accept my typos and sometimes reptitious quotes or things I've written it is part of my injury .
    I will try to do better
    Thank you

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    Hi GypsyLady,
    Don't worry about the typos. Anyone who gives you any grief for having paws that don't work so well needs some serious introspection. You are kind and nice, the typos don't matter the least.


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      I don't think anybody is bothered by the typos... it happens to all of us! I understand your frustration about your hands, I bounce back and forth between typing with my pinky knuckles and using voice recognition. Both definitely have their strong and weak points. I love your posts, don't worry about changing a thing.


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        I have a similar prob with my pinkie fingers. that makes punctuation and capitalizing and some letters, less often used. I just ignore the grammar police.


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          No worries, a lot of us have hand problems. I'm right handed and my right hand is the worst.


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            Hell,I thought yer typing was fine ,much better than mine !!What you just wrote would take me an hour !! What's up with the that !!??


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              Nothing to apologize for, please don't give it a second thought. I always "time out" and had to figure out how to not loose everything I finally typed.

              If you ever read the fine print on my posts you will see that they have almost all been "edited" by me. That is because I usually find typos and stuff after I click submit...sometimes I notice typos/errors after the "edit" function expires or I realize that I wrote something that did not sound the way I intended or could be misinterepreted.

              Much is lost when we don't have facial expression, or tone of voice to help interepret meaning and must soley rely on the written word. I'm glad we have they smilies, I think/hope they help, at least when I'm trying to joke or be sarcastic I can use this guy
              The IceDragon Avatar best represents my constant Freezing yet Burning Pain...not to mention all the other sensations that come with neuro pain


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                My hands work just fine and I have more typos than all of you. I type with my two middle fingers, but I can go pretty fast.


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                  modern grammar seems very flexible. don't sweat it.


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                    I usually can't spelle, don't sweat the small stuff!


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                      Thank you all for the kind support and everything
                      All we can do is keep on doing our best right ?