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  • Frenzy

    Last Night I was feeling bloated a little irregular
    Went to my restroom and as I sat down I heard a strange noise as if a balloon was emptying . The sound came from my tummy .
    Needless to say I got back in my chair back immediately to check this out .

    Slowly upon removing my dressing my hose had risen almost out of my belly it was almost all out
    Immediately I gently kept my calm and pushed it back in its place in my bladder and placed betadyne ad gauze immediately over it medical taping it down in place

    Called my Dr and told him i'll be heading immediatelt to the Er
    We drove to the Er and they installed a new sp hose

    The Er physician told me it was a vwry god idea I put the old sp hose back in immediately
    The x ray tech came in and x rayed me
    Psychican said I have a problem with my intestines high up and my constipation was not in my lower intestine
    He gave me a speech about eating fibers and so forth
    Thursday I have a dr appt with my dr and we will go through ideas or whatever is needed to help my body work more efficently .

    It is a good thing I kept my kool and right now hopefully i'll get thing's balanced out

    What a frenzy

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    Oh my! I was a frenzy GL. Smart that you kept your cool.


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      Everyday I am very cautious changing my dressings .
      To me I dont like looking at hoses or anything foreighn in my body but keeping my kool is #1 just get the job done imop .
      I am sure theres many others here who dislike hoses and junk hooked up to our bodies
      Definitely I am one lady who thinks my hose is disgusting .
      Geez just thinking of it and looking down at my side is just not my thing .

      Gross is Gross

      I had these things 3 times in my life and just anxiously dream of the day it is out of me and I am back to my old self .

      I just keep my kool and ignore the gross hose ... I got to laugh it is rather funny that somehow with the mayhem I am in good spirits and not letting the Gross hose < Thingie turn my stomach .

      Sincerely ;
      Goofy ol


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        It sucks that bad things keep happening to good people, keep your spirits up Gypsy.