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The stupid shit this life makes us waste our time on

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    The stupid shit this life makes us waste our time on

    I'm sorry -- I realize nobody is going to want to read all this idiocy. I'll just say that I've had to waste annoying amounts of time trying to get my credit card company to honor their commitment to reimburse fraudulent charges that an aide made stealing from me, and writing about the abysmal treatment I received in the facility to which they sent me subsequent to being in the hospital.

    ** Bank
    Office of the President

    Dear Ms. ****,

    I write in reference to your letter of 9-30-08, attached, relating to my fraud claim. My claim initially was denied, and I since have done everything ** Bank has asked of me to have the claim reconsidered. You wrote the following:
    … your fraud claim would be reviewed in its entirety, once the suspect was criminally convicted... however, we have no documentation to support that Maria ********* has been arrested and prosecuted…we would be more than willing to review new information provided in regards [sic] to the fraud case..

    Attached please find my letter to ****, my fraud investigator, dated 6-16-09, in which I explain that Maria was prosecuted and pled guilty, with an attached letter from the prosecutor documenting that fact. Despite this proof of compliance with your request, Ms. *** and her supervisor Ms. **** refused to reconsider my denial, and were unable to provide me with any legitimate reason for this action. After repeated denials, Ms. *** finally admitted to me that she had a supervisor, and I subsequently spoke with Eric **** who, though very nice, also refused to honor your company’s purported and much proclaimed policy. I find this a bad faith resolution to the matter that I am not willing to accept. My delay in pursuing this matter again until now was due to my having suffered another spinal cord injury in the summer of 2009, recovering from which has consumed a significant amount of time and energy.

    The reasons given me for the denial have been varied and not very compelling, but the one used most prevalently lately is that since on occasion I had allowed Maria--a home health aide I relied on to shop and cook for me in light of my disability--to use the card to shop for me, her unauthorized use could not be considered theft. I heartily beg to differ. The fraudulent purchases were made in her town over half an hour from mine and at times different from her hours with me; therefore they cannot have been made when she had authorized access to my card. I always regained possession of my card after she shopped for me with it, so the fraudulent purchases were made only after she must have stolen my card. Moreover, please note that pursuant to the attached letter from the county prosecutor’s office, the police and court did consider this fraudulent use of my card to be theft.

    The court has ordered restitution, but the schedule is such that it will not relieve my financial hardship. For that reason, I have asked that ** Bank honor its commitment to not hold customers responsible for fraudulent charges, and reimburse me $****--the balance of the stolen amount--in full, then taking over as the recipient of the restitution.

    As I have complied with ** Bank’s conditions, I would appreciate your intervening to ensure that the fraud case is reopened and I am reimbursed. Please understand that I financially just cannot be without this reimbursement. If you cannot reimburse me please share my file with Mr. Davis [the President. and initial addressee] so he doesn’t feel blindsided when I have to pursue every legal option available to me to compel your honoring your public promise. In these days of YouTube, general public disfavor with banks, and ** Bank’s (to me, galling) ads claiming good corporate citizenship, I would be surprised if ** Bank really wants to put me--busy enough with life in a wheelchair—through all that.

    I very much appreciate your consideration and look forward to a satisfactory resolution of this issue. Please call me at *** to assure me that someone with authority to act on this has received this letter, and let me know your decision. I greatly would appreciate having to take no further action on this matter.

    Thank you.

    [to CCC: my beef is more with the bank than with Maria. Though her stealing from me sucked, she has been quite diligent in her payments and was, at the time, having a very difficult time. And she certainly cared for me better than all but two aides I've had since, most especially my current cause of daily dissatisfaction. Would anyone be willing to join me in a letter-writing campaign if this letter does not accomplish its goal?]
    To the Editor,

    I have had an unfortunate amount of experience with the medical industry, sadly enough to suggest you realize it is significant when I tell you that my experience as a patient at ****** Care Center was just abysmal. I urge anyone with a loved-one in need of such a facility to avoid ****** at all costs, and withhold judgment on the new facility slated for the new site until someone proves to you that it is significantly better than it previously was.

    I was a patient there in March, and while on an individual basis I encountered only kindness and proficiency, something systemically was radically wrong. At risk for pressure ulcers and unable to turn myself, I emphasized the need for assistance turning every few hours. Not only was that ignored, but I spent two entire nights never sleeping at all but yelling for help, with only--after hours of shouting--responses from one individual each night who claimed the need to go get assistance and then never reappeared. I shouted, of course, only after my call-for-assistance light was ignored for hours on end. During both nights I was stuck in a very uncomfortable position from which I could not extricate myself.

    I am relatively young, had a cell phone able to dial 911 (which on a different night I did), and was able to convince my family to get me out of there without having to suffer any further. But I shudder to think about the experience of others older, more disabled, or without the resources I have to escape from such mistreatment—just annoying neglect in my case, but real abuse in too many others..

    I urge we demand better, and proof that change has been made, before anyone patronizes ****** again. Institutional and caregiver abuse have become a big public issue, and topic of TV dramas, for a real reason. If your loved one is not able to defend him- or herself, please pay attention.

    I also will mention that the physical therapy I received there was significantly lacking. Having inhabited my body my entire life, I know from experience that lifting weights on a nautilus-type machine would have helped me significantly. Whether ****** had such equipment or not I do not know. I would suggest that having such equipment is a very reasonable expectation for a rehab facility and recommend it be included in a new facility. If, in fact, ****** did have such equipment, I think the guidelines my therapist used to determine what might assist me should be changed. She seemed just to give up on me as a hopeless case. I have much more potential for improvement than that.
    And if I could get my hands on the maker of Dragon, who insist that 4gb of RAM should be enough to make the program work without torment... it would not be pretty. Well, I’m not really one to express my anger through my hands (good thing, or I’d really be bottled up after last summer’s injury), but he’d be in for quite a tongue lashing…yes, he…only a man woulds do this to me..
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    damn... that bites
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"


      Random, I suggest you post complaints like this on PFB (


        Major suckage. Girl, you are due more than a serious break. Hoping it happens soon.



          A) OMG, woman, the gods sure have beaten you to a pulp with the Stick of Ill Fortune. I'm really sorry to learn just how much garbage you've had to deal with on top of SCI: The Sequel.

          2) You've written some of the best bitching without sounding bitchy letters ever! I vaguely recall a woman who established a very successful business in writing complaint letters on a fee for service basis -- she wasn't half as talented as you. My favorite part of everything you wrote, "I would be surprised if US Bank really wants to put me--busy enough with life in a wheelchair—through all that." BRILLIANT.

          I hope you finally get US Bank to pony up, and would be happy to add my voice to the chorus of those demanding they honor their policy with you.

          If you need a laugh after spending so much time on these troubling subjects, take a minute and read my favorite complaint letter of all time.
          It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

          ~Julius Caesar


            speaking of sticks.. i am sure that the transport people have been beaten, repeatedly with Stupid Sticks

            OMG THC AHAHAHAHAHA@THAT LETTER!!!!!!! spit out my rum and cranberry on that one.
            "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"


              THC, that was just priceless. Thank you! And isn't it funny that they have roped some young woman into saying that same oxymoron on their TV commercials?

              Thanks also for the letter offer. I'm going to see if they just choose to do the right thing. I might then need to call on you, as well as try Dan’s very promising site -- thank you too Dan!

              And CC men -- please feel excepted from my previous man-bashing. I didn't really mean it -- I'm actually quite fond of the entire gender in general – and many of you have occasioned my development of a special fondness. But I really do hate Dragon.


                THC-That complaint letter is hilarious!


                  Dang, that's .. well I have no words for this. Yeah, great letter, I would CC the Bank one to the Banking Regulatory and your Senator or Congressman. The second to the Nursing care licensing board and your State representives. There is no way that anyone should be treated that way. Have you thought about calling your local newspaper for a story on these. I tell ya, nothing moves obstacles than a little publicity; esp. with banking being faced with new regulations.

                  You go ahead and man-bash all you want. If anything, it reminds me to be more cognizant of my behavior and manners. Back at you girl for being appreciated.

                  Dragon may be ticking you off, but the end result is shown by your great letters. Now go get 'em, the bastards.


                    Thanks Patrick! The bank already ignored the call they got from my senator's office, and the little people tormenting me so actually were annoyed by my having called him. I think a public shaming may be the only way to go, something that actually gets the President’s attention. Although after that I might see if my senator or congresswman himself might be willing to call the bank's President himself. It just astounds me how unethically people will behave.

                    I have thought about involving the media, but these two issues must wait in line behind my shaming my employer – THE STATE -- into stopping flout the ADA and letting me return to work from home. I think I do have the law on my side on that front, and once I’m successful I'll share the relevant case law and the EEOC guidelines. My hospital complaint I just will send to the main hospital guy, and then to the papers only if he totally blows me off.

                    But I definitely will explore the regulatory agencies if I need to—great idea


                      Hey random, i saw this thread on "related threads" as I was adding to a thread I posted.

                      Don't ever feel that nobody could relate to your issues with the medical services you recieved. It is encumbent on all of us to highlight crap treatment. We have an old socialist politician here in Australia who coined an apt phrase.

                      "Keep the Bastards Honest".

                      Good for you for having your say.
                      "The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit." "Diamond" David Lee Roth.