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I got attacked while handcycling yesterday

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  • I got attacked while handcycling yesterday

    I'd just left the office and was cycling down a hill, when a massive goose entered a dive from some 100ft high and came at face level directly towards me.

    Right at the last minute the goose pulled up with its wings spread.....squarking and then hissing as it pealed away over my hands coverring my face....

    I carried on stunned after a brief wtf moment....

    I then became aware that this beast had flown behind me. I tried to peer over my left shoulder, but I was blinded by the sun. The bird was right in my 6 o'clock diving steeply; it had me in its sights, I was a sitting duck.

    SMMMAACCcckkkkkk....I felt the bird spack me upside the back of the head as it attacked me from behind......I knew I had taken a direct hit but tried to focus on staying straight and level.....

    My adrenaline was flowing, I peddaled as hard as I could and made it out of the kill-zone.....

    Scary stuff I'll tell you.

    On the way back (up hill), I stopped and we had a stand-off........I was carefully escorted up that hill by much wing-beating and hissing.

    Anyway, I'll be headed out for a repeat sortie in about 40 minutes, only this time I have ammunition; a couple of slices of bread in a plastic bag......

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    (just noticed my thread was # 19,000 in this Life forum....!!!! Lets celebrate..!!!


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      Originally posted by MarkB701 View Post
      Anyway, I'll be headed out for a repeat sortie in about 40 minutes, only this time I have ammunition; a couple of slices of bread in a plastic bag......
      Hoping that it chokes on the plastic bag?

      Wow, what an experience. I got pecked by a swan once, that was kind of freaky.


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        Crazy. I've never liked birds.
        Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.


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          I just l'dmfao. Thanks, Mark!


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            I have been goosed before, but never quite like you. My grandmother had geese and they were vicious. The Romans used them as watch dogs. They do have an innate mean streak. Were you around water where it might have had a nest? All birds will protect their young. Here in SC we have mocking birds and they will really attack people when they are nesting. On the other hand, you may have wheeled over some good grass that it had its eye on. lol
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              Who knew ?????????


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                Whew-when I read the subject I thought a human, like a mugger attacked you.


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                  Yeah my cousins had a big gander that I was shit scared of as a kid , he would always go for the balls as I recall.


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                    Canada Goose or domestic goose?


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                      the goose next door used to threaten me everytime I passed. Finally it went for me. Just as it was about to bite, my rear wheel caught up to it and ran him over. He was fine but he didn't attack anymore. Just stayed far enough away at give me heck. I miss that old goose, well not really.


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                        Thankless barstard...!!!

                        I'm sorry to use an expletive there. But really.

                        As I approached the nest (that I have spied from my car as I pass) the goose was no where to be seen. I had my camera filming any potential attack, so I was a little disappointed.

                        Upon my return the goose was standing in the middle of the road, facing me down, like Clint Eastwood. So...I rolled up to it, said hello, appologized for the scare yesterday. I produced the bread and threw it some. After some hesitancy it started to eat and I fed it more. Perfect! I explained that I would be riding this way quite a bit and hoped we could put the events of yesterday behind us. I took his silence as some kind of gentlemens agreement. I fed him the last of the bread and pedalled past up the road.

                        Then...out of nowhere, the bastard goose takes off after me, swoops and glances the back of my head!!!! The ol' sucker swipe from behind.....

                        I hope he chocked on that bread...ungrateful bastard


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                          At least you tried to make peace with the goose-I'll give you credit for that.
                          A few years ago we were watching a flock of Canadian geese and the goslings at a lagoon. A huge jackrabbit came up the ditch, not seeing them I suppose.
                          The geese had that jack rabbit running in circles and chased it down the road. He never saw it coming. We still laugh about it.


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                            Having once had a viscious swan come after me when I ran out of bread, all I can say is bring the whole damn loaf and then pedal like crazy!


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                              You're making my day Mark!