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    This guy is awesome. I would love to be doing this for those who can't get around as well as I can.

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    That is pretty awesome. I wouldn't mind having that van, got some offroading I would love to do.


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      Where do I sign up?

      (I would dearly love to get a few pictures of myself in some South American jungle looking very, very smug and send them to certain VESID administrators...)
      NYC Disability Forum (@DisabledNYC on Twitter)


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        Hey Guys,
        Thanks for the kind an amputee I can do almost anything I with our Wheelchair Accessible Van for Expeditions I get to sit in the passenger seat and watch others enjoy the same remote backcountry areas I do.

        I put a post in the Rec area about camping, chime in there or contact me through our website and we can see what can be done to make your adventure dreams happen.

        Here is a recent news story with video if you want to see things in action

        Oh and as a non-profit please don't consider this any kind of commercial post, right now there is no cost to go out, if you can donate great, if not then volunteer, if you can't do that then just come on out and have fun.
        Backcountry recreation for the disabled in the Wheelchair Accessible Van for Expeditions