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    SCIfor55yrs, I know for me as a mother to a fairly new quad, your wisdom and words of advice have been helpful. I know there is plenty of negativity everywhere, Sarah sure has her own right now as I already shared with you. But knowing that what you want to accomplish, can still be accomplished, truly brings hope to others. The devastation of the injury itself can bring a person way down - You know that I am still struggling too - and that is just being her mom/caregiver. You give me peace knowing that Sarah will find her way and move forward. Every day is a new day.
    (BTW...just to share - Sarah starts working tomorrow. It will be from home to start but hopefully will turn in to going into the office a few times a week.)


      Originally posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
      I have no problem with people taking shots at me. I enjoy challenges. I used to enjoy sparing with attorneys trying to discredit me when I served as an expert witness. What hurts is when I see people telling newbees that they are in for a short life with nothing but pain and suffering and that I could not or should not have found happiness despite my sci. To be told that I am misleading newbees telling them of my "rare" experience does not sit well with me and flys in the face of facts.

      I get what you're saying. It is a shame, but the power of negativity will always prevail in this community. I guess it's free speech but it's uncalled for. I know my sci life isn't a bed of roses but it isn't a shit pot either, more newbies need to hear a positive life is possible. Life is what anyone makes it, too many just want to make it bitter & miserable I guess. We got fu*ked, get on with it & move on people.