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driving and depth perception

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  • driving and depth perception

    I'll try to make this short. Back in 2006 I had a driving evaluation so I could get my driving license for the first time. During the clinical evaluation the evaluator said I had impaired depth perception. After the clinical evaluation, the OT took me out for a driving assessment. During the assessment he said I almost hit a parallel parked car. He said further training would correct this issue. Fast forward to 2009, I went to the MVA here in Maryland to get my learning's permit. Thanks to a new law in Maryland, A learners permit is required before taking a driving assessment with rehab instructor; makes sense right? The point is I passed the mva's vision screening without any problems and got my permit. My eye doctor did prescribe me some glasses but he indicated I didn't need glasses to drive. Apparently I can't see in 3D well. My doctor says alot of people don't have it. I know my right eye is a little weaker than the left, but I don't see much of a difference with my specs.

    Any body have any opinions or stories on this please share.
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    I don't have any depth perception at all (both eyes are fine but don't work together). I just leave a little extra room parking sometimes I guess - but I've never hit anything, and it doesn't seem to be a real problem.

    People with one eye can get a driver's license - and they certainly don't have depth perception.

    You should be fine - just take a little extra care with you're really close to things.


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      Thanks TAM


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        I have impaired depth perception too but I was able to get a regular drivers license, I won't say no problem because it required quite a few lessons.

        You should probably be extra careful driving at night and poor visability. Driving at night when it's raining is really difficult for me. Try to avoid it but sometimes I just have to.


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          thanks for your commet


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            I agree with Canuck- you'd probably have to be extra careful while learning. I've been driving a long time - so no problem for me.

            So may take some extra lessons - but no problem long term


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              Thank U guys for your commits. I know practice is the key. I am new driver; so I knew I needed practice regardless of my 3D vision. I don't even know why I am worried about this. My Dad use to take me out to steer at idle speed and I had to a avoid the cars then ;On top of that I Played wheelchair Basketball for years and I know for a fact that it required some depth perception. The point is apparently I have been compensating for this all my life.
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