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    Originally posted by mr_coffee View Post
    Sometimes I'm a giant robot blowing things up as well though so I'm not sure what that means :P
    robo coffee!


      Originally posted by darkeyed_daisy View Post
      I used to have this re-occurring dream when I was a teenager. I used to dream that I could not move my feet. It would scare me so bad sometimes that I would wake up hysterical.

      I also remember vividly dreaming that I was caught in a bubble and bouncing from one place to the other trying to bust the bubble to get out.

      When I was with my ex-boyfriend, I was always driving in a car (not always my car sometimes even a big dumptruck) but the car/dump truck was doing one of two things: Driving backwards down a hill, plunging off the side of a mountain or Driving on a gravel road with water on both sides and I never could get to the end.

      I have recently dreamed quite often that I am roller skating. I walk with braces and a cane so that is maybe why I don't see myself in a wheelchair in my dreams. However, it is uncanny how many dreams the last three months that I have had and been roller skating.

      I know, I am psychotic right?
      no not psychotic at all. the bubble dream is cool.