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    sci55 your wife was so right in not accepting that script. I have had to drive to clemson and anderson the last three months to fill my scripts, however nether had enough to fill my script this time, and even if they did, it was too late in the game for me to be able to drive it, since withdrawal had started and was causeing spasms, an uneven heartbeat, and the pounding headach, along with pouring sweat and chills. I am really wanting to get off these patches, even if they work well. I don't know what else would work though that would be less of a problem to get. also I would probably need to be admitted since the withdawal affects my heartbeat.

    is the snow sticking in columbia yet? huge flakes here.


      I'm not sure other meds would be easier to get. The patches shouldn't be this big of a deal.

      I guess you might consider methadone - but I don't know if that would be easier or harder to get (it does cost pennies though, one plus).

      If you were to transition to methadone, I'd certainly hope they could manage it somehow without putting you through withdrawal. I would not let anyone prescribe methadone that isn't very familiar with it however - it's a great med, used correctly - but titrating to the right dose can be quite dangerous if someone doesn't know what they're doing.


        Just rain here.... Yuck!

        John changed his patches every 24 hours, which meant a three box Rx, and we got grief from some pharmacies about that, too. He's switched to extended release morphine and dilaudid for breakthrough pain. I think he would prefer the patches again, but problems in filling, cost, etc. made it too much trouble. With pills you can take them a little less when possible so you can have a little cushion. He'll only take one instead of two at night when he's having a good day, then at the end of the month he'll have a day or two of meds saved up in case of a problem.

        Hang in there! Enjoy the snow, it should be pretty up that way.


          reply to Gigi, I would have to go to a pump since I have trouble with keeping meds down. I felt a high from the dilaudid and morphene which I am kind of afraid of. I am surprised at the changing of patches per 24hours, as it takes 12 hours for it to be at peak dosage. I have been using it for eight years and usually do not feel withdrawal until 48-58 hours. a 50 mcrg patch. I am using vicodin for breakthrough, but average 4-5 vicodin per month. the neuro pain is not constant or at least not constantly intolerable, so this combo of pain meds is working well for me. I have heard of a morphene sulfate that works well called avinza, but not being able to keep meds down some days makes pills a problem. I am using baclofen now which seems to have an affect on the stabbing pain. also zocor seems to affect the neuro pain in a positive way for some reason.

          the rain started here and melted the snow.


            If it's working for you, I would hesitate to change it. I suspect it would be possible to have a pharmacy problem with any pain meds.

            I truly hope the pharmacy will have their act together now, and you won't have to change. I sure hope they do anyway!


              Argh, I meant 48 as opposed to the normal 72 hours! Yeah, 24 would be excessive! I believe that he absorbed them quicker than most - so a lower dosage changed more frequently kept him "even".

              No, I would not switch either if you had such problems with the oral meds - that's just what worked for him. Hopefully you will have enough of a relationship now with this pharmacy that it will not be such a problem in the future. But I'm sure you will be nervous next month!

              Yuck, hate it when the rain melts all the snow! But it is easier to navigatge a wheelchair when the snow is melted! LOL