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Im thinking of moving, what to do about meds?

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    Im thinking of moving, what to do about meds?

    I am thinking about moving to another state. I have severe constant central nervous system pain and physical pain as well. I have gotten it under control(finally!) due to trying out many meds during the 4 years ive had sci. The ones im prescribed now need to be rewritten in person by my Dr. every month by law. Ive heard having about a 3 month supply ready is about normal and i think would get me by till i find a new Dr. where i move too. My question is HOW? do i do this? Without my meds i am almost bed ridden and would not be able to accomlish the many things needed for such a big move.
    I feel i am prescribed the minimum amount of meds to keep me active so i dont get to "stockpile" much. Thank GOD medicare woke up and smelled the UTI, so i have enouph caths....i hope.
    Thank you in advance for any positive advice.
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

    why would you have to move without meds? you can get scripts, and fill as needed. you just cant fill them all at once. I would make sure you have your medical records with you rather than sending for them as I did. just makes it easier. you could look for a dr before you move, and send your records ahead. your ssdi will transfer. then as soon as you get to your new state you apply for their medicaid. If you have medicare, that will just transfer.


      Thank you, very good ideas. My dr. and i have a good relationship so im pretty sure he would write me a couple post dated scripts or something.
      If a dr. writes a script in one state, can it be filled in another?
      ALSO. Does anyone know if SSDI gets trasfered or will i need to reapply for that as well?
      thanks again
      Has it been five years yet? ..........


        SSDI is federal.
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          Your doctor might be willing to write scripts with different "fill dates." I also take pills that have to be written every 30 days and for which a hard copy is needed by the pharmacy (not faxed) so my doctor writes three different fill dates, which is totally legal.


            Hi barondidit

            Five years ago when I moved , I told my doctor and physicians that would take me three months or a little more to relocate and find new doctors.
            They also prescribed for me three months or more worth of my medications , if I needed more medicine they gave me scripts just in case to be safe .

            They also gave me doctor's notes and legal documentation in case I needed to show proof for my medical ailments / medicines if I was authorities .

            I also was given copies of my medical records and needed information for my new physicians and doctors.
            Also I had a list of my medications and their intervals. I kept all their phone numbers in my file. With me at all times .
            Everything worked out, it just took a little time and patience, as I moved many miles away.
            I hope everything works out for you.
            Sincerely "


              You cannot get a 90 day supply of Schedule II drugs, but your current doc can write you three months worth of scripts for a 30 day supply. Each script must be not only post dated, but should also contain the phrase "Do not fill before" the date on the script.

              But before you do that, you need to check the laws in the state to which you are moving to see if they'll fill out-of-state scripts for Schedule II meds. I know Michigan pharmacies cannot fill out of state scripts unless they are from a state bordering Michigan -- found that out the hard way. The laws on this vary by state.

              Start the process of finding a new pain doc before you move. Call doctors in the city where you're moving to, and ask what their procedures are for accepting new patients, then get your current doc started on helping you get whatever they require taken care of before you move so they can see you as soon as you need their help once you arrive. Also, get a copy of your pain clinic records -- including copies of the scripts they wrote fr you and clear documentation of your current meds and doses -- for your personal records, and carry it with your valuable papers on your person when you move. They will be invaluable if you need ER treatment -- helps prove you're not a drug seeker.

              You do not need to reapply for SSDI. It is a federal program and your benefits will transfer with you when you move. If you have direct deposit, you might want to get a bank account established in your new city before you move so your benefits can be transferred ASAP.

              Hope the move works out for you.
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                Hi I had 90 day supply of medicines because the way my drs wrote things

                Also I had no idea where I was going to go

                I just took chances for 3 + months feeling out places / States until I felt comfortable

                The Scripts my Drs Gave me were pre dated so I could go to pharmacies I used and get my meds

                As for The heavier pain meds youre possibly reffering to
                From state to state all I did was go to the Er or a Dr in some town and show them my Dr note and give my reord they would call my old Dr and then prescribe me a months dose or so The Er was easier as they would do a routine checkup on me and work out the medicine issues with my old primary Drs plus I was a psychologist

                I didnt know where I would end up as I wanted to see the country and travel .
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                  I don't think every state allows "fill by" dates. You have to check state laws very carefully - for example, in at least one state until recently a schedule II script expired seven days after it was written - period.

                  Also, not every pain doc will use narcotics.

                  I would be very careful, and have a pain doc lined up before you move. Preferably have an office visit with them to discuss everything first.


                    If you can use Walgreens, you should go talk to the pharmacist at your local store. I use Walgreens because it is the only pharmacy that is permitted to fill prescriptions anywhere in the US because of some special national computer system. Maybe it doesn't cover certain classes of drugs/narcotics, but it's worth a try.
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                      If you are within driving distance you could continue to see your doc once a month until you are settled and find a new doc. When my fiance moved to SC we drove to NC every month for about six months until he found a pain doc down here that he felt good about.


                        Thanks you all for your advice and warnings. Im thinking either Southern Colorado Or North Cali. MIght try colorodo out first....then decide if i wanna "go all the way".God its scary moving now that im injured! i have lived in sooo many cities, states and even countries. I feel so trapped here. BOOOO! Gainesville! Driving past the street i got shot on, Living in the town of my Insane mother who hasnt visited my apt in 4 years now...a brother that done bout the same. ??!! Ya know how HARD it was to find a DR.! ect ect ect. yikes!
                        Hopefully a bit easier in a M.M. legal state.
                        Gypsygirl: you are so lucky to have been able to travel around till you found a place that you fealt comfy I havnt done that since i rolled into the small town of woodstock ny 12 years ago.... awwww... woodstock, good times!
                        Has it been five years yet? ..........


                          Hi barondidit I want to say thank you for the kind words
                          I think some people like me who enjoy travelling as I used to lol just learn where we Fit in Per Say Call me crazy for admitting this to you
                          I definitely been also thinking of moving my friend
                          considering Ny or Colorado I just broke the news to my mom a few hours ago

                          It is scary but I love photography and I try to make friends where ever I go I am a friendly soul by nature .

                          I prefer maybe splitting the rent with someone on a decent place where it is scenic and affordable .
                          It all depends on in a few months i'll hopefully re tag my Van and go for a cruise Trip .

                          Sincerely The Wanderer
                          Gypsylady lol