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SO funny!!! Mr. Coffee...where are you? lol.

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  • SO funny!!! Mr. Coffee...where are you? lol.


    Y'all know that I get into the most hilarious messes possible, right? at work, a friend gave me a "free Krispy Kreme" doughnut coupon. Another friend said she was going to get a raspberry filled one with her coupon. I said I think I will go after work and do the same thing. So here I went...thru the drive thru, for a doughnut and a cup of coffee...

    So I order the raspberry filled and the coffee...give the girl my coupon, pay. And she tells me...your napkins, stirrer, creamer and sugar is in this bag, your doughnut is in the other bag.

    So I proceed to bite into the much anticipated doughnut...and was so yummy....but NO it was NOT was white icing filled...ROFL.

    So...I go to my destination, get the coffee, and proceed to get a creamer out, pour it into the coffee...then I start to get the sugar...and think...hmmmm...that bag sure feels heavy!!! What's IN tha bag?

    Well...I peek into the bag....find two more creamers...yeah!

    GUESS how many sugars????

    Would you believe 24 (two dozen) sugars...for ONE cup of coffee???!!!

    I'm serious!

    I have proof...I have a picture in my cellphone...LOL.

    No wonder the economy is so bad...LOL.

    I used 4, brought the rest home, and put them in the kitchen for future use...


    All THAT for a free doughnut....

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    Go to McDonalds and get some salt and ketchup and your set! LOL Oh yea and don't forget Taco Bell, they usually give you a load of Mild Sauce. ( I have some of that in my fridge) Should have went back and told them they gave you the wrong donut and got the Rasberry one too...


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      Well..some is better than none.

      I have a ziploc in my fridge filled with taco bell sauce too Its great for homemade tacos!
      Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.


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        lol I was expecting to read that you had to use that coffee cup for something else.
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          The freebies might not be worth it because fast food can cause obesity or the runs.
          I have never gotten the runs from KFC or Wendy's because I order only their healthy stuff.


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            dude! my fridge is loaded with TB mild sauce as well!

            and I dont even like it..... im sorta just a pack rat


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              Davids mom was a real pack rat, she would keep all of the condiments like that, even napkins. Taco bell sauce is good but they need new jokes on the packages.