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I cleaned out my truck today

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  • I cleaned out my truck today

    I had been neglecting the task for the last two months since moving south. I had a hard time emotionally doing this. I will keep some things for emergencies though. a water tight survival kit in case I get stranded somewhere. As I was cleaning out, I had to choke back the need to fall apart at the memory of how I actually made it almost four months in the back of a truck. How lonely and dangerous that was. My health did suffer in some ways. so did my emotions, but in others ways, I gained the knowledge of survival under harsh conditions. I will keep in my storage tub:
    sleeping bag
    fleece blanket
    hand and body warmers the hunters use, (saved my life)
    propane heater
    one burner propane stove
    freeze dried emergency food
    emergency water
    firstaid kit
    basic tools
    small bible
    prybartool (cracks a skull if attacked)
    wool socks, light socks, underwear
    pads, tampons,tp
    catheters and glovekits
    a cb radio
    plastic bags
    gorilla duct tape
    change of clothes
    extra sweatshirt
    a picture of my loved ones
    matches and lighter
    it all fits in a regular storage bin.
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    I also have a jump box by black and decker has a spot light and power sorce.
    a power converter.
    foldable shovel


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      You really are insperational. I am AB and can't not imagine doing that.


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        I think it's a good idea Jody. One always hopes these things won't be necessary, but if the need arises, you've got them.

        I've always wanted to get the radio/flashlight that runs by turning the crank.

        I keep a blanket and tools in my suv all the time and if we were taking a trip or going somewhere in nasty weather I always added a few more things like cb, food,water,etc. People get careless in their winter travels, it happened to me once a long time ago. I gotta admit, I was a lot better at being prepared when the kids were small. Did'nt want to get stuck somewhere without any "tools". I just leave the blanket out folded, my grandkids will grab it and go to sleep.

        I'm so glad you have a place of your own now.


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          thank you yes, I do have some basic tools also, forgot to list, and in winter I usually have clay kitty litter. have used it several times for other people who got their car stuck on ice.


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            oh crap, I don't have a first aid kit in there! I did have one though, did not get back in the tub.


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              Great list!


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                Jody, It sounds very lonely and dangrous-and I don't even know what the story is. I admire you!


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                  Every one of those items should be considered a trophy of how incredibly strong and resilient you are, Jody. I'm truly blown away by your determination.
                  It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

                  ~Julius Caesar


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                    I'm just glad you're NOT living like that any more! At that point I had mentally wed you to pararich LOL, looked like such a perfect idea. Funny how the major players never agree when outsiders mentally fix things for them, isn't it?

                    Here's to only going forward!
                    Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


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                      thanx all. betheny that is funny. reminds me of the mailorder bride thread. nice guy, but I would never move in with a guy for other than love. my son and his wife moved back to pa the week I left. My daughter is living with her dad. I am glad too my truck is not my home. we all miss each other, but they are not worried about their mom now. I hope all my future camping is at music fests for recreation. I am not real strong or brave. I just had no choice. we all know about getting by with what you are left donn't we? I felt ashamed to tell it too, but I did, so there it was. the surgery on my foot was very hard to not cry about. it was minor, but made it harder to keep warm. moving south away from my children took the most courage to tell it true. I chose that. not the fires or the accident or being a vagrant. I think though, we will be together again in the future. and when we are, nothing will be taken for granted.
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                        Awesome! You're a strong woman and even stronger now.
                        So glad you're out of that situation. Good luck with your future.
                        God bless you Jody.


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                          Jody Several years ago after I was abused in a domestic violence relationship I left him
                          I lived where ever I could in my old hotrod truck , rented a few storage buildings and put much of my big stuff in there and then lived on bare necessities as a true Gypsy that I am parked my harley / my other motorcycles in a storage building

                          Took only my crutches and went on with my life

                          There were times The Front of my truck seat was my bed for 7 months or more
                          I had 2 tents and just my army fatigues and a water tight rubber maid plastic case filled with my basic necessities ,

                          Much of my 7 +months was living in woods and just my green duffle bag full of my clothes etc. and my old laptop in its water tight case .

                          Them tents were my home no joking I just had a rough time trying to find a home and I minded my on business away from my ex butthead

                          It is definitely emotional . Your story touched my heart it was like a mirror to me

                          No one in my family knew where I was no one knew at all because every 3 days I would move and pitch my green tent far out somewhere else .In another county

                          Every 2 days I bought a package of hotdogs a dozen eggs and bags of ice , plenty of water and just had hot tea and eggs for dinner / bkfast or lunch and occasionally a fresh hamburger

                          I also used cheap throw away cell phones
                          good thing I kept my uniforms and feild jackets they were warm

                          I have no complaints I just think it makes us stronger

                          My Boyfriend came to my tent one night in the middle of atornado thunderstorm and we been together ever since

                          He knows I am a survivalist
                          Jody I am proud of you
                          your friend


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                            Originally posted by gypsylady View Post
                            Jody I am proud of you
                            Me too..proud of you too Gypsylady.
                            get busy living or get busy dying