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Do you think freezer is dead?

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    Dear TAM63 thank you I grew up in a long family line of Electricians and Electronic folk my late uncle charlie got me interested in Electronics long ago because he had a tv repair shop and the chasis are high voltage so he taught me alot and If We lived closer Somehow I probably could have helped you my friend
    I have to repair a few AC conditioners for my boyfriend by this summer
    Usually I can trouble shoot the problems

    And trust me with my connections I have a close friend who is a licensed AC man
    It wouldnt have been $400 at all

    Because I love using my handicapped hands to work on my own electronic stuff as a therapy
    Tam you just pay for the materials and If I can make someone happy that means so much to me .
    As for talents I truly love electronics and my friend rebuilds electric motors etc...


    My Friends I dont know if I have much talents but I am poor and need to keep my chargers / elec wheelchsair working so please understand I just do what I can because I do it from my heart things are so costly

    God Bless


      Well Gypsylady, I wish you lived closer too - not for electronics repairs, but because you sound like a lot of fun. And very multi-talented!


        Hi TAM63
        That Sounds Great to me
        I Love just enjoying life the best I can and Humor is part of me so maybe someday we can meet and talk
        This is what life is about
        Thank you very much for your kindness

        Sincerely ;
        Your Friend
        Gypsylady Judy


          Humor is terrific. Thanks for your kindness as well