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Congratulations Canada!

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  • Congratulations Canada!

    What a beautiful opening ceremony for the Olympics! I know there was a lot of discussion about how anyone could pull off another opening ceremony and not have it compared to Bejing, but Canada did it, big time! I loved every moment, and thought it particularly nice that Rick Hansen was one of the torch bearers.

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    Rick looked healthy as ever. Was really glad that Rollie and Betty Fox, Terry's mom and dad, were part of the ceremony.


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      I was wondering who the guy in the chair was. ty
      oh well


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        Even I knew who that guy is, I must have been reading too much CC

        The opening was very nice and I am waiting for the ski jumping later in the night
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          Even though it's an expensive party and I could think of a zillion other places the money could be spent .... I must admit I was a pretty proud Canajun' last night ! I love love love the aboriginal dancing , fiddling, k.d.lang, Nellie, Brian, THE WHALES et al it was all so beautiful ... I think we done good .... I got a little choked up when Rick wheeled in ...... thanks Eileen !!

          Oh yeah ... better mention Wayne what's his name
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            yep, you should be proud Obie! it was an awesome show!


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              I too love the First Nations participation - the dances - the costumes. I went to school with First Nations and it was part of our curriculum to learn their history ... it was my favourite part of public school. It's wonderful that Canada embraces our heritage and they were a priority to 'welcome the strangers to the land'. Imagine dancing all that time while the athletes were parading in though! lol Glad I learned and was able to do some of those dances as a kid (obviously can't do them now!)

              The pictures of the whales were amazing ... the salmon ... the trees ... and the cane dispersing the energy ... the Alberta ballet company ... the Olympic flag bearers ... the final torch bearers ... our talent (Bryan Adams, Sarah MacLachlan, Nelly Furtado, Donald Sutherland). We have so much other talent that could have participated. The young woman who sang our national anthem was amazing too.

              I'm glad that Canada realizes what Rick Hansen did and honours him while he's still alive! Oh, and Wayne Gretzky too. lol
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                But wasn't it Joni Mitchell who were singing clouds, she is so good.
                TH 12, 43 years post