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    I have seen problems come from hope when people have not invested themselves fully in rehab and consequently, lost much from their life because of waiting for a cure or Divine intervention.
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      Dear OJ, for me, hope is curiosity.

      I have wanted to stop with the fight that being alive entails many, many times. My body or my soul have been in such bad shape sometimes that by just not making the effort to breath in air, the whole thing could have been over. I still feel that way sometimes.

      The only thing that has made me go on is curiosity. I have been really curious to know how what is going to happen next, like with my sister's dogs, or with a series on TV, or the next album of my favorite musician, the next Almodovar movie, and definetely, the next Spring. I listen to the BBC world service at night, and I swear, I have sometimes told myself to go on just to find out what is going to be the topic of next Monday's documentary, or the outcome of the Presidential election in some country of the world that I have a particular interest in. Before I did the Msc or the PhD, the knowing that there were huge amounts of information that someone, somewhere was going to teach me was so tantallizing that kept me alive for the horrendous first four years after I got hurt.

      That is all I can say. It is not much, but it has served me well so far. It does not take the pain away or make things better, but it is my definition of hope and provides a good reason to go on.


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        Originally posted by jody View Post
        were there is life there is hope. you can still be realistic and have room for hope. I guess it depends what you hope for.
        I agree Jody. I do not think the two are mutually exclusive. I think a certain amount of hope is necessary in our lives. Many people are alive today only because of hope, and the promise it brings. I am a firm believer that in spite of whatever life throws our way, "after the rain comes the rainbows."


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          Hi Everyone
          This all is diverse
          Hope keeps me alive

          Personally I do not believe in False Hope / Yes in some of my SCI posts i've referred to things as pipe dreams in medical stem cell stuff because the Dr Staff called me up and offered me some treatment but the price was so oblivious and high I had no way to afford such treatments over and over . overseas somewhere in the middle of a vast ocean lol

          Money is something I dont have .

          Being I will not speak for anyone else as we all have our own concepts and belief's Hope is my heartbeat My standard of goals in my life

          I cherish everyday like it was my last moment on earth and go for it to the best of my abilities and Hope Get's me there



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            Hope.... hope to me is even in the overwhelming shadows of sadness, lonliness, etc, the push to want to strive to make it better. I think everyone hopes to a degree but it definately is part of our existence.

            I used to not hope very much. I wished for things to happen but never took the steps that were required of me. Even with doing my part everything I hope for does not come to be but I know that if I had done nothing in those situations they would have turned out worse.

            The two things I hope for now......
            1. A good quality of matter how long
            2. That my body will hold out so that I can finish school

            Without hope there is no reason to face the day ahead. Some days are more hope filled then others but the feeling of hope, yes it is a feeling for me anyway, never completely goes away.

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            I am the best at being me. No matter how that happens to be!!


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              hi bcsimpsons and everyone
              Sometimes Things we hope for dont happen instantly

              Over time I found my hopes to be fullfilleed when I least expected it

              I also hope my body will hold out so I can have a good quality of life
              You have a geat point there !

              Thank you