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    question for the gals

    where or what have you found to be the best

    i like the elastic waist its easier to pull up as my hands can/t handle a zipper or button

    but due to this quad gut the stride is always so low in rear

    ideas as i nneed to get some new 1s

    Levis, Arizona and Carhardtt work best for me
    C5-6 - 22 years


      Originally posted by quartermile View Post
      Levis, Arizona and Carhardtt work best for me
      really how do you zip them up also i have a colonosty and it seem if it doesn/t have room
      to grow i have a accident

      i prefer jeans only its wrangler

      i see you r c6


        Sorry did not read the for the gals
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          I have one pair of jeans I really like that is actually a pair of maternity pants! They were styled to be worn below the baby-belly, not the ones with the big elastic panel. Because of this, the back seems to stay up enough, without having the front come up to my armpits.

          There are some other discussions about this too .... you might be able to search for them.

          Try these threads too ....




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            I buy whatever pants I like. We can get away with buying the cheaper ones in stores now because shape doesn't really matter. It's not like they can make our butts look good or bad!

            As far as getting them on, I had someone sew loops to the inside of the hips so I could hook my wrists in them and pull. For the button and zippers, I use a hook/pull like this one: