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    Bethany and Deadeye, I'm sorry to hear the bad news. I lost a dear canine baby (6 years old) to cancer a few years ago. I was shocked and devastated. I had her cremated with the intention of scattering her ashes on the lake shore where I used to take her swimming...she LOVED to swim...but I haven't had the heart to part with them. Her ashes are still in my home office. I'm not sure I'll ever be psychologically ready to spread her ashes. She was a delightful dog...lab/basset odd looking creature with a big personality that would steal your heart in a minute!
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      My longest-term friend buried her son 2 weeks ago. I feel like a baby, whining over Dingo, but dayyum. DeadEye, I'm happy you've had 14.5 years of loyal friendship, but they die too soon, don't they? Danine, I've already been debating whether Dingo would belong at the family fishing hole/ash scattering spot. Borrowing trouble, I know.

      I'm determined to love him through it. If love can cure, Dingo is golden.

      Thanks, everybody. Cheesecake, that photo made me cry. He was just a wee little Boo back then!
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        Beth, I am so sorry and sad to hear this. Dingo is Dingo and nobody is like him, he is special. Hugs to all of you. I am thinking of Jake who did kick the girl out because she said Dingo was ugly. Dingo has the most cute personallity and he is so loyal.
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          I'm so sorry to hear this Beth. I know you love him so much.
          He's gorgeous! What a great picture. I know how faithful his love has been.
          My dog was always there for me too. Miss her so much.
          Praying she gets well.

          Sorry about your dog too dead eye.


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            DAMN IT !! Im so sorry to hear this. I know how much it hurts to have our animals sick
            Keep us posted!


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              Sorry to hear. Dogs and really all pets become part of family. It's always hard to see them hurting. Glad he's keeping happy. I hope he gets better and you stay positive.


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                Aw Betheny, sorry to hear Dingo is sick. Hoping the vet has caught this in time.

                DeadEye, sorry for your dog too.

                Our pets are special.
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                  Sry to hear about Dingo, hope all goes well, and u have every right to be sad. It doesn't matter how it looks to other people, anything that has touched our life and has gave us joy and fond memories deserves our love, it what makes you a good person.
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                    Hi Betheny,
                    Sorry to hear about Dingo, he is such a cute dog. He looks like a combination of 2 of my dogs. I hope he's able to be helped with medication, he's really young. My dog Elsie has been going through heart failure since last February, the vet never thought she would last this long. They thought she would only survive a few weeks, she was very sick. They put her on a heart pill 2x a day and 3 diuretics a day and she has done really well until now. We have been taking her to have fluid drained off her abdomen every week, they usually drain about 3 pounds. She has her good and bad days, recently mostly bad so we know she won't be with us much longer. It's so hard to let her go when you see her acting perky and happy.

                    Deadeye; Elsie has had a few of those episodes you described, it's very scary. The vet said it's due to lack of oxygen to the brain due to heart failure. We thought it was a seizure too but our vet actually saw her during one and told us what was happening. I understand how you feel about them not making it through one, it's very scary to see. I hope you and Festus have many more happy days.

                    Sorry you all are going through the same thing.


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                      I'm so sorry for your troubles, Betheny, dogs are gifts from God.


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                        Betheny and DE - sorry that your four legged family members are in a rough place. We know going in that our time together is limited - so why is it always so hard when it's time to part?

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                          ..... damn it all Bethy .... I wanna say its going to be fine because its what I want to believe for you ... however this plays out you know we've got your back either way ..... damn .... you too Deadeye .... life just plain sucks some times ...

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                            Sorry to hear about Dingo Bethany...but he sounds like a little trooper...and he will definitely fight!

                            Deadeye...I am so sorry about what your dog (and you) are going dog Onyx was just 5 when we had to put her down due to a traumatic spinal cord injury that was taking away her ability to breathe on her was hard to watch her go through that. Obviously your dog still wants to hang around a little here is hoping that the days ahead are pain free.
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                              I hope he gets better - 5yrs is not enough time!
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                                So sorry to hear about Dingo.
                                My little Toddy (7 years) was a near goner last week due to kidney failure but has miraculously bounced back thanks to a dripfeed; he's home now and we'll see how he does without drip but on meds and special food.
                                I feel for you greatly and hope Dingo has more 'go' still left in him.