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Susan Fajt has passed away

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    Less than 48 hours ago I was looking through pictures I had taken while in Washington, DC. I came across a few pictures Susan and I had taken with Hillary Clinton. Although I hadn’t spoken to Susan in quite awhile, memories of our trip and friendship came back to me...the way she and I were so nervous while speaking to members of the senate (we were so scared we were shaking!), how excited we were to run into Hillary Clinton, the way she was so proud to show Senator Brownback that she could stand up from her wheelchair using braces and a walker, and the first time I ever spoke to her on the phone...we spent hours talking about our new injures and possible recovery options. I am so shocked to learn about her passing. It’s very hard to understand how someone who was once so full of life is no longer with us. Rest in peace Susan, I will forever be grateful for the opportunity I had to call you my friend .


      I hadn't spoken with Susan in quite a while. I feel for her family and close friends. She was spirited. There are really no positives, with the exception she is no longer suffering.


        What Happened?; I am shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        May God rest her soul in peace; she was our fighter and hero.
        Rest in peace dear friend.


          sometimes when you have everything; you have nothing inside. rest in peace SFajt


            Originally posted by spidergirl View Post
            What I wanted to share though about Susan that I will never forget for the rest of my life, as I sit here in my TI LITE very cool chair, that when we met at the airport and I got off the plane, before ever giving me a hug or saying hello she said " omg, you have your seatbelt, and I will not be seen with you with those training wheels'' of course I didn't understand as I thought it was protection. When we arrived at Josh' she cut my seatbelt and threw my training wheels in the trash. I got so mad! She said "trust me, you wont ever use them or miss them"... something I just will and could never ever forget. She was right.
            Ha! Reminds me of how David Kiley treated me when I was newly injured. He told me that, "brakes are for sissies" and was probably one of the people I have most to thank for helping me get thru those early days and months and helping to rebuild my self-esteem. He never treated me as anything other than a "normal" young woman and that, along with my attentive boyfriend, was so, so important at that time.

            I will forever have Susan in my heart and in my prayers. I will post some pictures of us when I have some time. I just wanted to take a moment to share.
            Thank you for sharing. Your words struck me as so honest, heartfelt and beautiful. I didn't know Susan and don't know you, but your pain and your expression of love brought tears to my eyes. My best to you and may Susan rest peacefully.



              I am ashamed. And hurt. I didn't know. How could I have missed this when I have searched intermittently throughout the last couple years for my girlfriend who chose to disappear on us all one day?

              Spidergirl, your tribute was beautiful. And I know some of the truths you wrote of as well. It could have very well been...

              As the reality of an obituary hits me and the tears fall, Susan more than likely has that mischevious grin for me from heaven because I can not help but think...
              "hmmm, you little shit, are you really gone from this earth because knowing you I have to wonder...".

              Yes, Susan was something else. I loved her. And have missed her being in my life no matter the changes in her that came about over time and the "fajts" we had at times, I know she loved me too.

              She warned me that she would one day disappear. I didn't believe it would be in this way.

              I do not want to go into the frustrations and anguish Susan went through following her FOX interview. Rather I will just say, she believed she was onto something... and I believe with time the truth will be known.

              So instead I will share a story I've shared with people throughout the years... about this beautiful, spirited young woman I was blessed to know and about our drive back from Mcallen, Texas.

              After a few days of fun and chaos making a trip down to the shop, arguing over pulling a trailer in overdrive or not and so on. Susan needed her cushion adjusted in the midst of driving. Okay... So she lifts herself up as much as she can and I do my best to move the cushion for her all the while trying to make sure as she zig zags down the highway, we stay on the highway. And don't you know as I ask her to pull over instead, just ahead is the border station. Close enough, someone could have seen us zig zagging up to it. Heh. So we pull up and I am nervous about that.
              Well, the officer who happens to be quite handsome says to us... Good Afternoon ladies. Where are you coming from? And we tell him. Then he asks us, as he requests our identification, "... and where are you from?" And Susan, says without hesitation, "Venus".

              Yes, that was my girlfriend. The fun and wild side of her. She may have been born with a golden spoon in her mouth and self serving in some ways but I will tell you what, she meant well. She wanted for not only herself to walk again, but everyone to have that chance. She was just too damn stubborn and headstrong in some ways... she nicknamed me Wild Horse years back... the name was more fitting for Susan now that I think about it.

              Susan... I loved you. Please forgive me for not being there for you, somehow, some way. Ohhh, my heart is breaking. The trouble you almost got us into will never outweigh the wonderful times and things about you I shared and will never forget. The time you pissed me off on the way to the doctor with your brattiness coming through a bit too much vs. the truth in how much you actually loved your fellow sci peeps, those of us who have loved ones with sci... you were just being a stubborn brat girl so I told you to pull over and let me out in the middle of Austin, not knowing where I was and whom to call for a ride home. I've giggled since, the two of us, my not taking your shit and you not wanting to listen~ all I can say is Eagle eyes, watch over us. I've missed you.
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              "I want to make a difference! However small it may be~ as long as it's a positive one, then this is what my life will have been about and I will go knowing I did my best.~ T.


                Yup, she was a real character and is missed.
                "Life is about how you
                respond to not only the
                challenges you're dealt but
                the challenges you seek...If
                you have no goals, no
                mountains to climb, your
                soul dies".~Liz Fordred


                  My sister Susan

                  I found this posting regarding my sister Susan. Thank you all for you thoughts and prayers for our family.
                  I would rather not go into the details of her death, but I can tell you she died very peacefully, and I feel that shes now finally at peace.
                  I hope those that knew her, remember the the good times they had with her.
                  She searched so hard for a cure for SCI but sadly one is not to yet to be found.
                  Susan was Susan, she lived life her way, she was a daughter and a sister.
                  Rest in peace Susan.........


                    Thank you for acknowledging those of us who loved your sister so very much. ~ Teresa
                    "I want to make a difference! However small it may be~ as long as it's a positive one, then this is what my life will have been about and I will go knowing I did my best.~ T.


                      I hate bringing up old posts but this really made me sad.
                      I met Susan at the mall on a couple of different occasions... the first time when she FIRST started handing out her bracelets and I think I may have even told her about this place.

                      I was looking her up to reconnect and "maybe" form an unofficial CenTex Push Girls.

                      I wish I had kept in touch.
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