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  • New website & TV show

    I hope I'm posting in the right spot.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my new website address. I've been maintaining a MySpace page dedicated to spinal cord injury awareness for about four years now & decided to buy my own domain. I realize that not all people use social networking sites (MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and wanted to make a more accessible site. It's also more professional than giving out a MySpace url. My new website is The social section incorporates all the social networks I use onto one page. This includes: MySpace, Flickr, Twitter,, YouTube & Facebook (which all update themselves on my site through rss feeds).

    I recently posted a link to a TV show I was in called "Soul Survivors." The show is produced by Ebrutv (RCN cable carries the channel, unfortunately RCN isn't a cable provider in NJ). There is a direct link to the show's website on my website under "favorites" & it is also posted on my YouTube page. You can access either way on my "social page." The direct link will take you to Ebrutv's site & allow you to download the entire episode (#10) to watch on Microsoft Media Player or you can watch it in three parts streaming on YouTube.

    I'm also participating in a TV show on NJ News12 called "On the Scene" & will post it as soon as it airs. It's hosted by John Bathke & focuses on local artists. We have already shot all the footage, I'm just waiting on an air date. All of my projects, of course, are intended to help raise awareness about paralysis & spinal cord injuries.

    I'd love to hear feedback & hope you will help me raise awareness by sharing my url with your friends/family

    FYI- I have permission to use the Soul Survivor video on my site, but don't think it's supposed to be reposted on any other site without permission. You can however, post a link to my site or directly to Ebrutv's site.