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    If you live in Chicago

    How this still occurs is beyond me! I am furious; moreso, at the quoted attorney who has no relevance to the case.
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    Thanks for the link Liz, its an unsettling story for sure, its amazing she's being called unfit to care for her baby. I read most of the comments also and most seem to think the father is being vindictive since he didn't think she was unfit to be a mother until after she broke up with him which was shortly after giving birth. It didn't say why she decided to break up with him, I wonder why she ended it, I hope that comes out in trial. Kaney has great family support so I hope she's successfull in keeping her baby.
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      There is the option of shared custody as well. I believe it isn't common for only one parent to be granted full custody, unless the other is unfit, if they both want custody.

      If he wants a bigger part in the child's life, fine - ask for shared custody.

      But to call her unfit does sound vindictive to me.

      Of course, the court's charge is to decide in the best interest of the child - not to be fair to the parents. Nonetheless, I can't imagine why it wouldn't be in the best interest of the child to have the mother at least share custody.

      She does have the added problem of mental illness going against her - although many people are depressed of course.

      I hope she gets a good outcome.


        That's my biggest fear of becoming a parent.

        I never care how anyone judges or looks at me ... but if it involved another human life, it becomes a whole new ball game. It would take a lot of courage, I think, to overcome that. Not sure I have that in me.

        We are so marginalized!

        I hope the mother wins!
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          The reason she is called unfit is because the courts have no other words to call her that the court can understand. I doubt that she is unfit in any way.

          There is malice assumed in the very title "unfit", but it is the only word the court currently assigns to cases like this and there is very little choice in such matters.

          We need to update legal jargon to more accurately define intent.

          I don't really know how to put this, but I hope I made my point about the language of the courts.
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