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    I know what Le Type Francais means - I wonder if I would fight some forms of cancer.

    That said - there are many that are cured. And that you don't have to go through hell for the cure. I believe prostate cancer is one of the "better" forms of cancer you can get.

    I'd hate to see someone not fight a form of cancer that was very likely curable, or controllable with a good quality of life.


      I also know what it is like to have body parts amputated as the only known treatment of cancer just as LTFs mother has had to do. Mastectomy is such a drastically obvious treatment. But I would do it all over again.

      I had immediate reconstruction done since I was only 30 at the time and thought I needed it for my own peace of mind. I have been cancer free for 25 years and even though the reconstruction has caused problems of its own, I am still glad that I did it. I will need a revision next year and am going to get it done.

      Speaking as one who hads been there LTF, I would gladly do it all again just so I could see my first grandchildren born, see the sunrise each day and enjoy much of what life has given me. I would have hated to lose my life before I had a chance to see all of what I have seen and anticipate seeing and doing in the future.

      Yes, it is a barbaric and drastic treatment, but as they say it sure beats the alternative.

      Becky... I hope your grandfather is well and comfortable in spite of his diagnosis. It is just so common these days because people have been living longer and thank God for the tests that can pick up these diseases before they can kill. He should be OK with treatment if he needs it.
      Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess