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Gainsville Man in Wheelchair stops home invasion

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  • Gainsville Man in Wheelchair stops home invasion

    Hours earlier, Wroblewski, 62, wrapped in a purple blanket and sitting in his wheelchair behind the yellow crime scene tape that surrounded his home, chatted with deputies as he sipped water from a bottle.
    Just yards away, Medical Examiner's officials, detectives and crime scene technicians took pictures and examined Kenney's body, lying on the ground by the front door.
    Wroblewski said he and Kenney, who lived in the neighborhood, had done some automotive projects together but were not friends.
    "This is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me," Wroblewski said.
    Sheriff's deputies received an emergency call at 10:53 p.m. Monday from a neighbor telling them a man had been shot.
    When authorities arrived, they found Kenney — dressed in shorts, T-shirt and a pair of deck shoes — dead by Wroblewski's front door.
    Wroblewski said the alleged intruder wore what appeared to be a ski mask. Rhonda Stroup, one of two detectives at the scene, said it was a bandanna.
    Wroblewski said he was watching a movie when he heard someone knocking on the front door and a man's voice saying he needed assistance to help jump start his car.
    Wroblewski said he told the person — alleged to be Gonzalez — to go next door or call Triple A.
    Thinking it was suspicious someone would be knocking at his door so late, Wroblewski said he grabbed his gun, a .45 Colt handgun he calls "Judge," and placed his wheelchair parallel to the door and opened it slightly.
    He said the person at the door was persistent and kept asking for a jump. Wroblewski said he was not going to go outside because he did not know what would happen.
    He said a masked man emerged from the shrubs in his front yard, plowed through the front door and knocked him over. As he was going down, Wroblewski said, he fired at least three shots from his gun.
    The masked intruder — Kenney — was killed. The second man ran away.
    Wroblewski said he believed two of the three shots fired struck the intruder's upper torso.
    Sheriff's deputies, the air unit and canine dogs searched the area for the second man.
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