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Sad news about Dave E

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  • Sad news about Dave E

    I got an email from Dave's brother, Dave passed away yesterday afternoon. He was at home, surrounded by family and in no pain. <aw crap, gotta dry my eyes>

    Besides sci, Dave was a cancer "survivor", it had been in remission for a couple years. At his last checkup two months back, it had come back with a vengeance, his body was "ate up" with it. His Docs told him he only had months to live. If/when I ever get news like this, I hope I can take it like Dave, he moved forward with doing the things he needed to do, and kept a sense of humor all thru it.

    Dave tried to not let anything slow him down. He was an old Biker, he and his wife kept horses on their Colorado home, they had just gotten into traveling in their motorhome(he was tired of CO winters and wanted to snowbird south).

    Don't know much about services yet, supposed to be on the 21st in Oak Creek, CO.

    Ride Free my friend, keep the wind in your face.

    From his CC album:

    His take on Life, from his album:

    Been there-Done that. My life was very full and complete prior to my injury. Now I'm trying to figure out what the good Lord wants me to do. My wife is my hero. After only 2 years of marriage she stayed by my side and makes every day brighter. I live just outside of Steamboat Springs, Co. I feel it is paradise. Although I can't ride the bike or the horses any more, I am not angry. I truly believe I am a better person now than before as I know how precious life is and what really matters. Be kind to others and smile. It's Free!
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    I friggin hate cancer. My mom died from it last month.

    Rest in Peace Dave.


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      A cool cat. They say people die the way they live.

      My sympathies to his family and friends.

      R.I.P Dave.

      "We have met the enemy and he is us."-POGO.

      "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it."~Edgar Allan Poe

      "Dream big, you might never wake up!"- Snoop Dogg


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        My Dave's family and friends take comfort in the the fact that he lived life fully, no matter what.
        May you feel the wind in your face again Dave.
        Every day I wake up is a good one


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          My sister has months, maybe a year. Please God, just one cup per person eh?

          And the truth shall set you free.


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            McDuff, Sorry to hear about your friend. Thanks for sharing those photos.
            Dave seems to have been a great spirit, who loved adventure and experienced life to the fullest. R.I.P.

            Hey decaf... thinking of you and your sis.


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              Sorry to hear about dave e, peace with the family
              We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.
              Ronald Reagan


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                rip bro


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                  oh, my sympathy.


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                    Sorry McDuff. Sounds like Dave had it figured out. Joe, good luck to your sister. Cancer takes too many of us. I'm sorry to hear about your mom Herco.
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                      I never have been good at saying good bye. No words seem adequate, but I do feel the emptiness in your heart. My thoughts are with you and Dave's family.
                      T6 complete


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                        My sympathies to Dave E.'s family and friends. Herco sorry to hear about your mom. Decalf-peace and hope for your sis.


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                          This is a shame. Condolences to his family, and to you, Herco. Joe - thoughts and prayers for your sis.


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                            Dave was a super good dude...eve called me an hour ago and said dave passed yesterday, going to spread his ashes over the Flattops this week from a friend's helicopter... he finally gets a heli ride thats not a medivac....

                            i met dave 2.5 years ago, about 9 months after his injury..our doc tht i could help him w/the new world of sci, i hope i did...he was acclimating as well as anybody does to the chair, but had a great attitude ....i introduced him to CC and a few other sites for resources and he immediately started utilizing them...he rolled on and took crippled in stride

                   his one year checkup, they found some cancer in a kidney, did req surg and sent him on his way, he recovered quick and rolled on...he was actually thankful that his injury was the reason they found the cancer, because as you know most men our age don't exactly go to the doc unless we're bleeding (profusely) and he'd not been to doc if not for sci....he maintained a good attitude, i saw him soon after surg and besides fatigue he was fine.....

                            ...he did alot in the 3 years post injury, more than i've done in 6...he was home rolling quicker than i was out of assist lvng...he got a modded p.u. and was driving soon... he accessed the house w/a shower and other mods, and if his contractor hadn't sucked wouldv'e been done much sooner..he got elected to town council and was super active in his town's wellbeing...he built a new garage and dumped a shitload of cement in eve's backyard, we were parked on grass one month and parked on a sweet patio the next....he got shit done now, and didn't have much tolerance for slackers....

                            ...there wasn't much he wouldn't do for a friend, and it was always no questions asked...he asked for no payback, and never made you feel like you owed him anything...last spring when i needed an adapted vehicle to take my driver test, he was only one close with one and drove 30 miles one way so i could borrow it, when my dr test was cancelled he didn't say shit about it...when i needed it again two weeks later and he was out of town, he found someone to bring the truck to me to take the test..he asked for nothing in return...thats the shit friends do, not "acquaintances"

                            my youngest daughter and Eve had a "horse" relationship, and Bri was welcome to show up unannounced and ride to her hearts content...Dave and Eve treated my girls like they'd known them their whole lives and my girls loved going to their house and feeling so welcome

                            i left the mountain in june, while Dave and Eve were on roadtrip in rv...i had a shitty shitty june/july/aug and didn't keep in good contact with everyone...i got an e-mail from Dave in early sept, wondering where the hell i was and why they hadn't heard from me...i sent back a whiney bitchy boo hoo my summer sucked poor me e-mail, and then felt like an el grande douche when i received this reply.....

                            " Glad we caught up. Yeh, you diesel guys with the little dicks are kinda
                            funny that way :-0 !

                            Got some nws that is tough to pass on. My renal cancer got by the knife.
                            It has now metastified in my lungs (9) golf ball size. i in my throat
                            area, surrounding my larynx, size of a fist. 3 in my brain, golf ba;;
                            size. I have choseen to die at home. May have as much as 6 wweks left.
                            I intend to fight, as usual. Thought you shpild know and hope to talk to
                            you again.

                            Your friend,

                            ......simple and to the point, but no whinin..he was typical mountain man, take it as it comes, bitchin and whinin won't help..

                            ...we got to talk on fone few times and traded e-mails last couple months, his "6" weeks ended up more like "10" thankfully and he got to spend more time with friends and family...i didn't get back to the mountain, as i've been broke down in dfw all summer..he didn't give me any shit for it and was just glad we got to talk

                            when he was in hosp for kidney cancer surg two years ago, i called him (even though i could see hosp from my park lot) to b.s. and check the end of our call, i told him "dave, i would've liked you even if you weren't crippled" of my typical sa comments, but i meant it and he knew it...he later told someone in a conversation, that i'd said that and it was nice to know that "one" friend wasn't around out of guilt or pity...and he was right, i only liked him because of who he was, never what

                            Dave was a good guy, and a great person...his absence will affect many...especially the woman who stuck with him thru the past 3 years, because she wanted to, not had many of us know, wives and husbands commonly bail after sci...Eve stood fast, and stood by Dave, she made great sacrifices without prodding and even thru her own health issues held strong...they were lucky to have each other, and both knew it which is all that counts.

                            so everyone who wants to bitch and cry about just being crippled, look at Dave's accomplishments in 3 short years as a c-5 while dealing with recovery, cancer, family, politics, home, cancer again ...and Dave wasn't rich or super educated..just a working class guy in his late 40's taking care of family and friends, not afraid to ask for help if needed nor to give help when he could

                            he is a good guy who'll be missed and remembered
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                              Great Eulogy

                              Justa, great eulogy from you. I learned a lot about Dave from your post.

                              I am sorry to hear about your own bout with bastard cancer. Stay strong and hold your head high. It ain't yet.
                              You C.A.N.
                              Conquer Adversity Now