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    I'm trying to park my car at the supermarket, and the wheelchair accessible spot is taken up guessed it, a car with no tag. So I wheel up to the chick who is sitting in the front passenger seat, tap on the window, saying "are you disabled?", she ignores me so I ask again , she continues to ignore me. This goes on until she winds down the window and screams abuse at me then jumps out of the car. I think she's going to slug me but she runs into the shop and comes back with another chick in tow. They get back in and start up the car and as she backs out of the park she yells to her friend the driver, "run over her the bitch, she deserves it!"
    Made my day!

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      Some people are assholes. Worls is full of 'em. Good job calling her out.


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        Glad they didn't run you over!


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          WOW!I haven't experienced anything like that yet.I just don't get it..Even the hubs that park in them while their wives go shop or the motorcycles in the hashes.I think the DOT or whoever put the handicap signs up need to do better expaining(like van only,do not park in or over hash marks,etc,etc).

          My worst exp. was years ago w/ my mom concerning rudeness.She walks very slow & w/ a cain.I was just right in front of my mom w/ a buggy in the crosswalk.This girl lays on her horn(my moms pace was sssssllllooowww,but still).I look back & she yells "get your crippled ass in gear".I was still a teen at the time and I let that buggy go not caring where it went & went straight towards that car.Her window was down & going stright for that b**ches hair.She put the car in reverse & was out.I never acted like that but you just don't mess with my mama!


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            Thats ignorant, when i go shopping even though im in a wheelchair if i aint going in 2 the store i park in a regular spot i leave the handicap spot open 4 some 1 who is going in


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              I have a placard, but still park in a regular spot if I'm feeling up to it taking a few paces to my trunk where the w/c usually is, that leaves the hc spots for someone else who needs it (hopefully)


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                What a bitch. Karma will get her, don't worry about it......


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                  man there are placard stories every day. sup with that? i guess my town feels ashamed to park in the ol blue spot, someone might think they're disabled LOL.

                  There was only one time I eye balled someone at the mall, it was some young guy in a bentley coupe parking at the closest hc spot, I parked across from him at the same time, im like "man I bet its some richie rich that feels too VIP to use the regular parking"

                  Dude transferred into a wheelchair LOL.


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                    It is the culture we are living in today. There is absolutely no respect and what's scary is these people are going to be running our country.


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                      That is pretty odd.


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                        wow what a hoe face! I woulda drop kicked her right in the baby maker.
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                          The damn car wash lost my placard today. Now I have to go get a new one. I need a new one anyways but at least the end I could've just exchanged it, now I have to go in with some sort of paperwork proving my disability.
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                            It cracks me up every time I go to the store with the wife or kids my 8 yoa daughter calls them out. Dad their not in a wheelchair or doesn't look like they have a problem. It makes me laugh adn she makes yurself heard. They look at me like to say something to my daughter and I just look and say what the truth hurts huh..
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