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I finally called his number.

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    I finally called his number.

    And yep it was disconnected. Almost coming up to a year since Dogger died and I still cant believe it. So sad, I hope his kids are coping as best they can, I cant even imagine how hard the last year must have been for them. He truly was a nice guy.

    Funny you mention him .. when CareCure went down, I checked the Facebook group and there's a great photo of dogger there. I think he and I would have got on well ... sorry I never got to meet him, though we did chat on the phone once for three hours!
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      saw that pic, too. tho i only knew him thru this board, and not well, that pic made me sad. yet i had to smile. he looked content. i wish i had met him.


        I received an e-mail from Miss Lulu this morning. The kids are doing very well. They are doing typical kids things. The boys are taking after their dad in their sporting ability, Bill is excellent at Cricket and Harry's sport of choice is golf. They are all doing very well in school. As we all know, Dogger stopped going to school at 16. He was just a simple country bloke.

        Dogger had told me about trying to watch a golf game Harry was playing but he let Lulu drive the golf cart and he spent most of his time trying not to be tossed out of the cart by Lulu's driving skills.

        Bill and Harry are concerned about Lulu's morbidly obese guinea pigs and they think they need to go on a diet. Lulu is undecided.

        They are great kids and getting on with life. Dogger would be proud, he always was.



          Sometimes when looking at members site I would come across Doggers profile and I would go back and read a few of his insights.

          Liz - Thanks for letting us in on the things happening in Oz and I hope you are well. William


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            Sure do miss him. I think he's raising Cain in an unhindered body, wherever it is that we do such things.I ache for his kids, and sometimes I ache for myself. A huge loss, gone far too soon.
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