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    Originally posted by chick View Post
    Gap has Tall inseams of 36" to 38" (38 less so). I don't think they (U.S. website) ship intl. but I see they have a Gap Canada. I don't know if they have online ordering though. I don't see it on the website, but you can do a search for a store near you with the store locator.
    Thanks chick. Yeah, I've searched every store here in this small city that I'm living in with no luck. Most people at the stores couldn't be bothered and those that did want to help didn't carry my flavor of clothing. They carried the more formal type wear and I'm just not ready for slacks yet, haha. No offence to anyone that does wear slacks, it's just that I've never worn a pair in my life.

    The only place that I've found pants at was Marks Work Warehouse and they were stretch jeans but they were still short in the ankles.

    Having just looked at the Marks Work Wearhouse, I noticed they have some cargo pants or close to them with a 36" inseam listed on their site. they're called Cargo Chinos I'll check to see if they have them in stock here at the local Marks. Kewl, I hope so. I hope the pants are an actual 36 x 36.


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      Originally posted by chick
      Hey, just found Levi's Canada.
      I don't know if this allows online ordering, but if not, there might be a store near you.

      And, Land's End - Men's Tall, 34w jeans (up to 38" inseam) < my quick search result of your req.
      Ships to Canada. See Shipping info => Canada rates.
      You ninja'd me.

      Yeah, I've emailed Levi's Canada today to see if I can buy direct from them.

      I've also tried Sears Canada and Sears U.S. and though they (Sears U.S.) ships to Canada, I had such a hell of a time trying to order through their site that I gave up. There was no option for 'Country', 'Postal Code' or 'Province'. Just State and Zip Code. If there was a different way to order, I couldn't find it.


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        Check the Land's End and Eddie Bauer links above. I don't know if thy have your preferred styles, but they have your size, 34" x 36-38" inseams. They ship to CA. and it seems easy, as I put a sample in cart (e.g. Land's End) and it pulled up address fields to enter CA shipping info.


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          NorthQuad, I just noticed you are in Canada, but I have had a lot of luck with

          They had a store in San Francisco that I used to shop in, and the quality is first rate.

          They do mail order, and so does


          My problem is always finding pants that are long enough too. Since moving to Montana, I have decided that fleece is my friend, and comfort trumps fashion.
          Good luck in your quest.

          In response to that beautiful Kiran, I used to love to shop, but online is all I can do anymore since I am not mobile. I know, I know, if I never go out, why do I need clothes? All I can say is that it is inborn.


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            Originally posted by chick
            Check the Land's End and Eddie Bauer links above. I don't know if they have your preferred styles.
            Unfortunately, they don't have any pants that I like. Sears U.S. does but that's where I had the trouble. I'll make another attempt through them if Levi's Canada doesn't reply. Thanks this many times... 1 million.


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              Decco-rator, both of those stores look great. The Casual Male store had a pair of pants that I would've tried but the waist was in 40"+ sizes. Thanks for posting them though. I'll check out their stock from time to time.


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                Lands End makes all kinds of men's pants: sweats, cords, khakis, jeans, lounging, and more formal pants too. But the best thing is that they take anything back without any hassle. For example, if a zipper splits after you've had a pair of pants for one year, they will refund your money or send you a new pair, your choice.


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                  i only get pants online it's the only place i can find 30 34 i'm 6 foot but only weigh 115. i know i need to gain weight but i can't i have tried everything. everything else i go to the store just to make sure it fits and looks right.
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                    I just ordered three pair of pants and a warm vest through carhartt and it looks good to go. I'll let you know how it goes.


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                      The order from Carhartt arrived about an hour ago. The 36x36 pants are not an actual 36x36. The Carhartt pants held up to a pair of 34x36 Wrangler Riggs pants that DO NOT fit me shows they are identicle in size. As soon as I took the Carhartts out of the box and held them up, I knew they were too small.

                      The vest I ordered is also too small. I ordered it in the Tall Large size, which by Carhartts size chart should fit a 42-44 chest. Not even close. I'm a 39" chest and I can barely get the vest on and zipped up. It's like Chris Farley's "fat guy in a little coat" with that shit. The vest is also very short. I'm not sure which tall person Carhartt used as their tall person model to measure for the tall fit but Carhartt needs to find a better model. Preferably someone with an actual torso and not someone that has their neck growing directly from out the crack of their ass.

                      So the size of pants I'll need, if I go with Carhartt are their 38x38. Which is crazy because I'm not a 38" waist.

                      Their vests will be a total waste of time. The tall size would be just long enough for those people that are in the 5'10" to the 6' tall region. No taller.

                      It's a real disappointment. Because I really need new pants. The Carhartt pants are really nice too, it's just too bad they don't fit.


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                        I don't know if USA JEANS ships to Canada or not, but I've gotten my jeans from them since they've been open.

                        Their not cheap but they last years for me.



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                          I've spent hundreds of dollars on pants since my son got hurt. The ones that he likes the most are from American Eagle. he's 6 foot and I get him the "loose" fit 36 x 36. The longer length work great (we hate "high waters") and the 36 waist fits good while sitting.The denim is pretty soft and the "wash" is just about right.


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                            Chair Pants

                            Was a customer of Rolli Moden, but when they closed doors I switched to Adaptations by Adrian. I favor their chair jeans over any maker's AB jeans because of fit and comfort. ABA jeans have long crotches for easier cathing and their waist rises in the back for sitting without showing a plumber's crack.

                            I was 6'2" with a 36" waist. What I've lost in height, I've gain in girth, ouch. I do not have any problems getting the size pant that fits as they are made to order. More expensive than off the self jeans, but worth it, to me.

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                              If I keep striking out, I may have to go the wheelchair jean route.

                              I've checked out the American Eagle store here in town. They told me to order my size online, haha. Awesome.


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                                So yeah, I tried to try on those Carhart 36x36 pants. You know those 34x36 Wrangler Riggs pants I mentioned? I can get those on and zipped up when I'm laying down. But when I sit up, they're too tight. Well, I can't even get the 36x36 Carhartt pants passed my hips. Nice.

                                So yesterday I picked up an ugly ass green pair of 38x36 Carhartt pants at a store here in town (that's all they had). But they're also too tight. So today, I took those green pants back and they let me order a 40x36. A 40 by friggin' 36! That's just dumb. I'm no 40" waist. Carhartts sizes are way off.

                                Those 36x36 Carhartt pants are more like a 32x36.