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We put our dog down today

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    Sad, sad thing to have to go through--sorry for your loss.


      Originally posted by Lizbv View Post
      My Troopers hip is bothering him, it makes me sad. I took him on bike path this wknd and I think I did too much with him. I forget sometimes. He (nor I) want to face what the future may bring.
      Do you give him glucosime-chondritin? It helps their hips and other joints too. Helped Reggie not go through much arthritis after she had her ACL rupture at age 7 and had it surgically refashioned. It's in some foods now but better to dose them with the GNC type stuff. Talk to your vet because a few baby asprin, by weight, help on bad days too. Hold old is that big Sweetie now?
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        So sad, sorry for the big loss in your life. (


          so sorry
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            Sorry to hear about your loss, sad thing for you to have to do.Happy memories are a reminder of the good times.


              Originally posted by kate View Post
              He was not just sweet and loving -- he was ridiculously photogenic.


              Good boy.
              All dogs go to heaven...and if they don't we sure don't stand a chance. Hugs Kate.
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