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Farmers Alminac Prunes lol

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    Farmers Alminac Prunes lol

    Hi everybody
    I was wondering ok heres the question !

    Do any of you use prune juice in a bowel regimine ?
    I do and it really does it's thing lmao Just the timing has to be on the schedule .

    Sometimes ok Today I had 1/2 cup of it and a swig of Coke Cola will work Wonders ''''

    Personally It seems more benneficial for me using this old fashioned remedy our Grandparents used in the past .....

    Fessing up I dont like the taste of Castor ouil but I also use that once in a while ..... Now I am showing my True old Age lmao .... Gotta have a sense of humor to write a post on this ...

    Do any of you out there use Prune Juice ?
    Sincerely ;
    Farmers Almanac

    they call it plum juice now, it's lighter.
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      Thx Liz


        Hi Everyone
        This post written from my bowel instincts made me realize that Old Remidies like this Prune Juice may be too overwhelming and eroneous with so little replies .
        Personally Fig bars and my daily 1/2 glass of mighty ol Prune Juice works lol

        If Pat Sajec asked me On wheel of fortune My reply would be I'd like to buy a Bowel ! Rofl

        Till later notice / progress on this old regimine I'll elaborate later on .
        Sincerely ;
        Goofy ol Gypsylady


          Today's Glossary of almanac is the fact ;
          I mixed 1/2 cup of Splash and 1/4 cup of prune juice and it did wonders . BTW Tasted Great
          After 1 hour of ingesting this Drink The stuff immediately worked and boy thats a load off my mind ....