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Advice needed! Long post! I would luv your support & advice.

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    Advice needed! Long post! I would luv your support & advice.

    Advice needed please! I am brand new here. I am likely asking for help too late but here goes.

    What a mess! I would like any suggestions of what I might be able to do at this late date, and/or I would appreciate short polite calls to the owner of this business to let him know that others are aware of my plight.

    Bottom line is that unless the owner/operator of

    190 N Olive Street
    Ventura, CA 93001
    Telephone 805-207-7050 or 805-641-1370
    Fax number 805-643-3248

    can be convinced to show some compassion my husband and I are in danger of loosing the fully accessible RV that we just bought. It is supposed to be our new home.

    Here's what happened:

    My 54 year old husband had a massive stroke on July 30, 2008. He was at home alone, I was 3000 miles away. He lie on the floor (left side hemi-paresis) for eight hours before someone heard him calling for help.

    Ok, here comes the wordy, boring part, sorrY!

    Fast forward one year. Tom has been in inpatient rehab most of the last year. He's doing very well. We had a major scare a couple of months ago with septic shock and the ICU but Tom survived and is recovering. The insurance quit paying the rehab facility because this critical illness left Tom weak and unable to progress in therapy as much as he had been progressing. I had a caregiver lined up to live with us, but when I arrived at our home one day...surprise!!...I found her moving out and taking a lot of my property with her. I called the police. She's gone..and now I have less belongings to pack

    The home we bought in 1991 and raised our three children in is being sold at auction today at 10 AM. We needed a new home to suit our sudden change in income and in mobility. We bought a 'mint, like new' ten year old fully accessible RV (1999 35' Windsport) on ebay. They have a buyer purchase protection plan that I carefully adhered to...for all the good it did me. Turned out the RV has a rotten floor from flooding, leaking roof, and other assorted problems, but hey, it was going to be home. And, it made quite an impression pulling up at the drs office in a 35' RV. Have lift will travel! It's really very nice. Has the lift, a roll in shower, and wide aisles.

    Tom's discharge happened suddenly....almost a year as an inpatient and suddenly he has to be discharged right now. I had an family emergency on the east coast. I delayed my departure two days, long enough to get Tom established in a private home where he could be cared for until I got back. The caregiver agreed to move my RV from the city street (parking oversized vehicles is illegal in our town), to the RV service center. She didn't. She moved it to a private strip-mall parking lot and hey, you guessed it, it got towed and impounded. I wasn't even the owner of record yet, so I was not notified. When I found out that it wasn't in for service my neighbor helped me track it down at an impound lot. I have no recourse against the caregiver.

    My neighbor Paul called Double R Towing and got the storage fee amount. I couldn't get that much money that day, a Friday, so we waited until Monday. He called and, as expected, the price had gone up almost $200. Paul verified that the fee was $850. We walked out the door, went to the bank, got cash, went to the storage lot and we were told that they had miscalculated the fees quoted to us on both Friday and Monday. The company would not honor the $850 fee quoted an hour earlier..after all that did not include, among other things, a fee of $200 for keys!! The new amount was..umm..I think $1350. I know it was almost double. I was not able to get together that amount of money, I was still trying to save the house. Every day the RV sits in an enclosed, old dirt parking lot next to the freeway in a bad part of town I am assessed another $40.00.

    I have written the owner/operator and asked him to honor the original quote of $850. I explained all the circumstances but he elects not to honor the original prices quoted.

    I need to pay him about $2300 (the exact amount escapes me now...too painful to think about!) by Friday morning at 10 AM or he OWNS my RV. Free and clear. No liens. What a deal for him.

    I am not soliciting money here. I'm pretty sure that I will be able to raise that amount in later today. But it would sure be easier to pay the $850. my neighbor and I were quoted! And I believe that $850 is plenty to charge for a short tow...less than 5 miles...and storage in a cheap lot.

    I'm not soliciting money but I am eager for advice. I tried this week to get newspaper involved, human interest etc., but that was a no go. I understand that in a way. His actions are not illegal.

    Today is the last day for Martin to change his mind. My writing him of my verifiable circumstances did nothing. I can prove that in the last 12 months my husband has had a stroke, my 88 year old mom broke her hip, my younger brother died from cancer, our home is being foreclosed on, and I need that blasted RV! As I learned from my brother's unexpected death, Tom and I are very lucky. We are alive. We have each other and my mom and she is stuck with us!

    I thought if several people called Martin (805-207-7050 or 805-641-1370) this morning and politely asked him to honor the $850 fee I was quoted and that I brought to him in cash maybe, just maybe, he might be reconsider his decision not to honor the quotes given to me by his employees. . If you want to fax him the number is 805-643-3248.

    My name is Christine Manson and I have written to Martin regarding our circumstances as well as provided him a copy of our bill of sale and our ownership certificate.

    All suggestions are welcome. Thanks from a newbie to this site, Christine

    News Media.. Police even..
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B


      Can you call the better business bureau, the local chamber of commerce, or your city council member?


        Thanks for the suggestions! I ran out of time, paid almost $2400. That's the bad news, but the really good news is that an attorney told me that I could probably sue him in small claims court and see I never got any kind of written notice. They sent those notices to the previous owner. Even after I showed them my ownership certificate. It's worth a try!