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"Don't bother leaving a message" - Texting vs. Voicemail

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  • "Don't bother leaving a message" - Texting vs. Voicemail

    Recently a friend of mine sent out an e-mail blast advising her friends not to leave her voice messages when calling her cell phone because she will delete them without listening. She stated her preferred means of receiving messages was via text--no exception. I thought that was a bit over the top, but then 8 other people replied and expressed the same sentiment--"don't leave voicemail on my phone because I will not listen to it."

    Is this the beginning of the end of verbal telecommunication as we know it? Are we to become a nation of button pushers who don't know how to properly express themselves because pushing buttons makes communicating all to easy?

    I notice that some people I know send me e-mail just as if they were texting--with crazy symbols and grammatic abbreviations. Probably a bad habit that needs some breaking.

    So CC people what about you?

    "Do u h8t3 VM 2?"
    T3xting all day
    Please leave a message
    Doesn't matter
    I don't even own a cell phone
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    I don't like when ppl leave me voicemail cause it costs me money to check it. Usually if I see a missed call, I'll call them back without listening to the voicemail.


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      In China, leaving a voice message is insulting, particularly if you are doing it to a person of a social rank above you. Most Chinese prefer text messaging. Also, texting in Chinese is much more space-efficient that in western alphabet because each character is a word. What you do is type in the sound of the word (using a system called pin ying, which means to match sounds) and the cell phone will automatically come up with the characters.

      Interestingly, voice mail has the same deficits as emails. In China, they prefer live exchanges and texting has more of a live quality than emails. Interactive bulletin board, conference calls, and voice-to-voice exchanges are okay. But, there is no substitute for face-to-face. In the end, if there is something that is important to communicate, it is best done face-to-face and preferably over a meal and alcohol.



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        VM is a hassle..txt me plz =)
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          I want a voice mail. Not some text that my cellular service will charge me for. Nor to I particularly appreciated the destruction of the spoken sentence into characters and weird abbreviations.


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            I prefer getting voicemails. They're forwarded to my email address in transcribed form, along with an embedded player to listen to the them.
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              Texting is still the most informal method of communicating, IMO. I prefer email or VM.

              Wise - interesting re: China. Huh.


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                I'm the opposite, i delete any text messages people send me without reading, i don't do the texting stuff. they can leave me a voicemail or call back, but usually i always answer my cellphone

                I prefer email, but tell people to call if urgent
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                  Texting amongst friends/family. Email or Voicemail otherwise.
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                    I hate voicemails. I know someone has called and I would rather just call them back as to have to listen to a voicemail.

                    I prefer texting.
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                      I pretty much keep in touch with everyone i know though texting. dont even have a voice mail. and phone calls are pretty much limited to grandparents, business, or really important stuff.

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                        I hate texting mainly because I'm a quad and I'm not fast at it. I dated a guy who would text me all day after about the 10th message, my fingers got tired and I had to make excuses that I had to go, we did talk but only when he got off work or during a break. Voicemail works for me but I also won't check a voicemail if I don't recognize the number since spammers can now call your cell phone.
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                          texting = wasted energy...


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                            Wait a minute...isn't this the reason why we have the damn phone to begin with? So we don't have to send letters?????

                            I simply don't get "texting" me and tell me what you want...otherwise, leave a message..


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                              I AM NOT A TEXTER, but it has its place in technology, and there are times i prefer a text than a call or voice mail.
                              one thing about text, it is faster to get the info , this can be important if your in nyc in and out of a subway , on the way to meet someone.
                              if they call , it may go to vm , now you have to stay above ground nad try and listen to the vm, there is no reception in the subways.
                              a text works much btter in this position, i m 15 minutes lates, i can read that and still catch the next train, if it was a vm i may miss the next train, and i may ne 30 minutes late at that time.
                              so for that tech stuff ut works great, also text messaging will receive and send in many areas that the voice reception id cutting out.
                              the big rip off with the phone companies, txt is free , it is using free not billed space, they are making a killing on this text craze, we are getting really ripped off
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