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"Don't bother leaving a message" - Texting vs. Voicemail

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    I'm one of the strange ones that doesn't have a cell phone. My assistants usually do if an emergency came up. Either leave me an email or message on the machine and I'll get it done at home when I'm usually able.
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      I always forget to check and just call back

      maybe a month later when I am tired of seeing hte VM icon on my phone.

      Text me.
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        i am also one of those that doesn't check their vm, if i see a calll come in i just c/b. with verizon, in my area, only enhanced vm gives one the ability to go right to the latest message. with the regular included vm, you have to listen to a lot of time wasting stuff before you get to the message you want.
        text is much more efficient than vm, since list and addresses can be easily sent, and are easy to refer to.
        i iuse gubb ot remember the milk for task and shopping lists, theyu are free, with ability to text the list or task.
        i wish the usa would get the European version of cell service, where the phones are all interchangeable among carriers and you can just buy minutes, they are there to keep if you never use them. the usa cell carriers are really ripping off the people with their mandatory plans and subscriptions.
        i may change from verizion since they have started this new requirement , if you buy a smart phone you have to purchase a monthly data plan. i have had widows smart phones since they came out and have never had the need for a data plan,
        i just want to be able to sync it with outlook. now you need to spend an extra 30 a month. there used to be three plans on a smart phone, pay by the minute for data, pay for a monthly plan, or block the data plan. wheb syncing to a pc you don't need a data plan, that can be done via usb or blue tooth.
        verizon also cripples all their phones so that if they come wifi capable , they cripple it.
        imo this is a total ripoff of the consumers.
        the whole bells system was broken up over att forcing you to buy a answering machine from them. i dont know how they are getting away with this, except by lobbying.
        could you imagine if you couldn't buy a phone that texted without a $20 monthly plan. that is basically what verizon did with the smart phones.
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          i've had a cell phone (not the same one) for about 5 years now and i've never listened to a voicemail, just text me (and make sure that shit is Verizon to Verizon) so its free or im only reading the first 5 words and deleting it without opening it
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            It's all about communication. I hate messages void of content. Please don't call because you have nothing better to do.

            Most of the time, I don't know where my cell phone is. Of course, I'm also bad about checking my email, snail mail, land-line voice mail, or paying much attention to it ringing.

            Somehow, I manage to find out all I need to know and keep in touch with people. I/they use whatever method works in a given situation. Text for immediate contact, email for detail, voice for extended conversation, voice mail for people I don't know or the few friends who find that convenient. Face to face is number one.

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              AHA! Voicemail is not dead!


                I do both. It's annoying having full conversations while texting but so much easier asking a quick question. Especailly with with my mom! It's either take 2 seconds with a text or be on the phone for at least half an hour. She talks a lot!


                  I hate texting!! Love vm.. Voice mail transfers to email a .wav of the vm message saving me the phone call back..