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Fell over in bed last night, stuck like that 4 1/2 hours

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    Depending upon the distance between the guesthouse and your parents- there may be a baby monitor that can be set on voice activation, or in more private moments pushing of a button. Not sure if this is a possibility, but just a thought.
    I am sorry for this, please take care of yourself. Pam OTR/L


      Ryan I'm so sorry you had to endure that.

      It's exactly what I was talking about in my thread on does your bottom hurt all the time. I can't lean and pull myself back up and I know this. When others tell me I should be able to I can't help it. I've got in positions like you did but thank God after awhile I got up. What I do now ANY time I'm leaning or taking a chance I get my phone right next to my body BEFORE I try it. I always prepare myself for trouble ahead of time.

      How much is the lifeline? Mine is paid for and I wear it around my neck. I think it would be worth your money to pay for it yourself. Then keep it around your neck all the time. When you start to lean over or try something stick it in your lips. Then if you fall all you have to do is bite down on it.

      Praying you heal soon and your life changes to a more positive mode.


        Originally posted by flicka View Post
        I learned many years ago to never ask that question. The Almighty Power has such a wicked sense of humor that it seems he likes to call you on those kind of careless questions.

        You might want to rebuild that bridge cause she IS your sister.

        When life has no more joy, or purpose, it's easy to feel wtf? Do you find joy & purpose in your life? Times like your experience can really drain a person.

        Abosolutely and that would be the DEVIL.
        Once you speak it aloud the devil will make sure it happens!
        Power in the Word.

        Ryan speak positive about your life as hard as it may be so God instead of the devil can have power over it.


          ryebread, so sorry you have to deal with so much. You seem like such a great guy. We will have to meet someday. You would get a kick out of my daughter with SCI (11 years old) she acts like Jim Carey half the time.

          My heart goes out to you and everyone else struggling with SCI!


            I think I may have a solution for you to be able to call for help in an instant. I sleep with my cell phone in bed. When my aide comes in the morning she calls or texts me to open the garage door by remote when she gets here. Well one evening my phone fell on the floor and when she came in the morning I had no phone.

            Solution: I have full range with my right arm so I leave my blue tooth on the bed stand next to me. If my phone should be out of reach I use my blue tooth with the voice activating feature. This would be real simple for you if you are able to press the button on the blue tooth. Then you could wear it in your ear all the time when you're in bed and if an emergency should occur all you would have to do is press button and say "call ----"

            Hope this helps.


              I'm so sorry that happened to you! That absolutely does suck!!!

              Let's wait a minute and figure this out though .... for me looking at your situation, you've been on bedrest a long, long time. I imagine you're just a bit weak from that.

              I hope it gets better soon!

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                Originally posted by mimin View Post
                I did that last night too and I wasn't even stuck in the bedrail. Sucks, huh?
                (HUG) Oh, Mimin! I promise you it gets better emotionally. The first several years post-injury was hell for me emotionally. Sure, it still isn't paradise, but you adjust or just become more numb to the pain.


                  The bluetooth is a good idea.Also you could attach a string to your cell phone and wear it around your neck so it's always right there.Those call bells that alert for help are wonderful,we had one @ work to wear if we were there alone.However they are sensitive.

                  I hate that you were stuck like that for so long and could imagine how miserable and degraded you felt.As for the crying and wishing you hadn't lived through your accident,hell I do that over dropping something!After I calm down a bit,I just tell myself get use to it b/c it will happen again and I am what I am.sigh..Just keep focusing on the good days ahead Ryan,you will get out of that bed one day!Don't get too stressed either(I'm a hypocrite for saying that),your emotional state plays a big role in healing.Big hugs to you.


                    i dunno how it happened, but in my early c7 manual chr days, i was pushing down a carpeted hallway at home alone. i guess i pushed too hard, dunno, but was suddenly pitched over on front wheels. so there i was, nose on my feet, seatbelt holding my body in, couldn't do anything. i'd rather no seatbelt as being on the floor was safer.

                    being so severely pitched, i couldn't push up or release seatbelt. my phone was out of reach. i remained in this position for over 4 hrs. i could hardly breathe.

                    it is horrible being stuck like this.


                      Ryebread, sorry to hear. I'm glad you're okay.

                      Mimin, I hope better days are headed your way as well!


                        Sorry to hear you had such a tough night. Hope you don't get stuck like that again. Glad your gettin better and Mimin-you get better soon too.


                          Every minute feels like an hour when you're in that situation, I've sooo been there! Especially with my old bed, where raising the head too high without planning every move, often left me toppled over in the weirdest predicaments.

                          After the last time, when I spent over 7 hours partially off the bed, partially wedged in one of the side rails, I got a voice activated phone for my bedside. It's programmed with the numbers of my PCAs, family, and a trustworthy neighbour. It's come in handy a few times.

                          Sounds like the bedroom technology is not the only problem you're dealing with though, even though for me there's nothing worse in SCI life than being stranded in dangerous positions. Hope that the state cuts aren't too bad.


                            I'm just hoping I don't lose any hours. Seven hours!? That had to be brutal. The longest I had before this was when I fell over in my chair and there was no one to help me get back up and I stayed like that for maybe three hours.
                            Here are some pictures my caregiver, mom and I took some pictures of the position I was in. This is only a couple of minutes of me laying over on my side. After a couple of hours, I settled in my head was down much further. Pay attention to the bars across my shoulders.

                            C-5/6, 7-9-2000
                            Scottsdale, AZ

                            Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.


                              I am so glad that you are ok !
                              Here is me whinning that Kev slipped in the pool & got his fool caught for a minute in the rail.
                              I am so ashamed of myself.


                                We've all had a scary episode like this. Scary!!
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