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    boredom =]

    come to our restraunt

    Congratulations on the restaurant! I really like Mexican food. Great name! Tell your mom I said hello and I would like to come to your restaurant.
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      I would like to come to your restaurant, but I live too far away. So I printed the menu so I can get delivery service one day!

      Great Picture, Isis!

      Thanks for sharing, Nick!

      Raven, you have a wonderful family!

      Take care and God bless...




        I am still surprised that you like Norwegian Music, Nick, Dimmu Borgir of all things.
        TH 12, 43 years post


          Congrats on your restaurant! I wish I lived closer.
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            to the beautiful cook and owner. Wishing her and her dad luck in their venture.

            Now I am hoping that for tonights' menu we also be having either enchiladas, flautas or at least chilaquiles. All are invited for that and it's on me. I might be able to provide transportation in my private jet. Just let me know if you wish to attend. Call me at the following toll free number for my limo to pick you up and transport you to my jet at my own airport. 1-800-555-5555.

            Will be waiting for your calls. Oh, btw, even if I may not drink, we will have some tequila and mescal for my guests.

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            A warrior is not one who always wins,
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              The jet goes to Gardermoen, Oslo Airport, too, isn't it
              TH 12, 43 years post


                Next she'll want to put a drive-up window on the side of the house. How can you refuse that cute face!
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