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No power for 8 days!!

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    No power for 8 days!!

    We finally got power back yesterday at 11:00 am, after not having it for 8 days. It probobly wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't and still am sick! I think I have a sinus thing, my nose won't stop running and I get sinus pressure head aches. Brad keeps telling me to go to the Dr., but I'm not running a fever and I'm sure they will just say its a cold take sinus meds and rest, it just has to run its course. So there is no use wasting their time, its almost gone.

    After the electric had been out Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I asked Brad if we could go to a hotel, I was so sick, I needed rest! So, he got us a room at the Radisson in Branson. When he called to reserve the room he asked if they had a roll in shower and they said yes. So we were so happy, not only could I take a shower, but he could too. Well we went in the room and noticed that there was a 3" lip to the shower we would have to go over. We figured we could probobly make it, we would just have to try! We got Brad's chair in the room and I tried to fit it in the shower, but the shower was not wie enough, UGH! So we were disappointed, we had his bowel program to do in the morning, what were we going to do, we really needed a shower we could get him in! So I called around and either the hotels had no wheelchair excessable rooms availible or them were full! But I finally got incontact with the Branson Hilton and explained everything about the shower and they assured me that they had one he could get in, oh I was extatic! Finally, he was going to feel human again. They also brought the price down to $69.00 a night, which was even better. We got there and it was perfect, he could roll in it no problem. It was a little skinny though, he had to roll in front way first get all wet, back out soap up, roll back in rinse off and repeat for the back side. They just don't make anything wheelchair/Handicapped friendly. But it worked!

    So, Monday we came home, the electric was supposed get back on. That didn't quir happen everyone on our road got electricity, but us. I was pissed! We figured they would be back first thing Tuesday morning, well that never happened, ao Brad called Entergy twice and a few big wigs from the company he knew, his dad called Entergy, his uncle Bobby called and email entergy and his mom worked with a woman whose husband worked for Entergy and nothing happened. Wednesday morning came a long and still no power, so when I saw the trucks across the road in the field, I marched down there, with Cartman (my dog) at my side pretty fast and with a purpose. Went up to one of the trucks, the man rolled down the window and I asked "Who is in charge here?" and he said "Well, no one really we are just here to get your power on." and I said, " well, I want to talk to the person who pulled the crew off the job before it was finished, our house is the only one on Enon Circle without power, if you guys think we are not a priority, we are my boyfiend is a quadrapalegic and he needs power to charge his chair and stuff and I am pissed". Then he explained to me that they would have finished that night, but the post hole digger on the back of the truck broke and sop did the other one they had accross town and they didn't have access to another one until Wednesday, he was sorry they got to us first thing. So I appoligized and explained my possition and he was very understanding. We got our power back though! You really don't appreciate something until its gone!
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    What a ride. That first wheelchair friendly room sounds familiar.

    Glad you have your power back. That would've totally blown.


      Glad things worked out for ya'll.
      Be yourself!!!
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        Eight days is too long! I would start pricing generators.
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