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Anyone Else Hate Christmas?

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    Anyone Else Hate Christmas?

    I hate Christmas. Call me a grinch. To me at 55, it has become a twisted, perverted and commercialized event. The shopping, the traffic, the waste of money, the endless and shallow stream of Christmas tv specials.....all to celebrate the birth of Christ? It's all such bullshit. I don't go to church anymore, actually since I was about 14. I was raised Irish catholic and was not sodomized by a priest,lol. But I hate Christmas. Anyone else?

    Yes but I'm very much in the closet over this, if my family and friends suspected my true feelings they'd never speak to me again that's why I'm posting this anonymously.


      Was never religious so have little lost love for the 'True Meaning of Christmas'

      I miss the big family get togethers of childhood and with my ex-wife's family, it's been a bit lower key since I ruined Christmas 2004 with a broken neck.

      If nothing else it's an excuse to drink too much. Win.
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        damn dude, hate xmas..........HELL NO. IM LIKE A FUCKING 5 Y.O. KID. I LOVE IT...

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          I don't hate it. But I wouldn't be sad if I woke up and tomorrow was January 15th. Mostly I just find this time of year very overwhelming. My family celebrates both Christmas and Hannukkah (plus we have a dinner for Orthodox Christmas in January as part of my family is Russian Orthodox). The result is, at least for me, sensory and emotional overload for a whole month (or more depending on when Hannukkah fall). There are aspects of the holiday season I really enjoy, but this year I am not even looking forward to those. Added into this, my injury was on Christmas Day and while I have tried to deny that it bothered me, it is hard to ignore as everybody else constantly brings it up. I suspect that if I had been injured on January 25, not December 25 people wouldn't remember it so well. But Christmas is an easy day and inevitably, my injury always becomes a big focus of conversation at family holiday gatherings.

          As for the over commercialization and greed of Christmas, that used to bother me a lot. Then I spend a few Christmases oversees, travelling or engaging in short term volunteer work at home. And it gave me a new perspective on having something to give at Christmas, rather than expecting and taking. Not saying I don't like getting gifts. I do lol. But once I was able to break out of the sterotypical North American Christmas excess mode, I found that it didn't bother me as much, even when it is all around me. The biggest thing was me finding something I could do to make somebody else's life a little easier, whether it was serving Christmas dinner at a shelter or finding a family down on their luck and being able to help make their Christmas a little brighter with some gifts even though I am a stranger. Since I have been injured I haven't been able to do any of this and yes, I admit, the cycnical and jaded feelings about Christmas have returned. I am actually dreading Christmas this year, for a number of reasons. I am at the bah humbug stage very bad. I have done almost no shopping and have done what I can to get out of family gatherings and meals. At first I figured my lack of getting organized for Christmas was just that I was tired. But the truth is that I am just not interested in it this year. I do love sending people things I think they would like and would make them smile. But I can't even really get motivated to do that. A bit of Christmas depression maybe.

          Maybe I need to watch the Grinch again (I just watched it last week). It might inspire me to become a bit more enthusiastic about the holidays this year

          My mom wanted to put my tree up the other night. I banned her from doing so. That is how un-Christmasy I feel this year. Usually I put it up for my nieces and nephews and my cats (they love to sleep under it). But I can't even bring myself to allow a tree. I barely tolerated my partner stringing up some lights on my patio.


            i hate Christmas.. i hate Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen, Comet, and Cupid, and Donder and Blitzen... and Rudolph too.
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              I hear you guys - my husband and I are in the same boat. About a month ago - we were dreading the holidays and were in a very foul moods around Thanksgiving - needless to say - Thanksgiving sucked!! It has gotten better, and now I think we're starting to look forward to the celebration next week. We are not overly excited, but we're getting there. I understand and try to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas - but I really don't care this year. It's not the first time it's happend, and i'm sure it'll happen again sometime.

              I always miss grandparents greatly at the holidays, and he's usually upset with his family for basically ignoring him ALL year long. We are rarely invited to participate in family gatherings/celebrations. Also,his parents live so far away (in Alaska) and they don't come to visit very often. At least his mom calls frequently - especially on holidays and birthdays.

              Let's see if we can get the tree put up tomorrow. I'm sure we'll feel better when we go out to celebrate with my parent's on Christmas Eve, but like I said, right now - I really don't care and it SUCKS!!!


                I don't hate Christmas I just hate how packed the stores are this time year.

                I'm excited to see what kind of gifts I get in return!!
                Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.


                  I enjoy being with my peeps, both of the familial and friend varieties. This year I'm hanging with the Baby Jesus crowd so I'm missing the yamulkes and Chanukkah festivities, including the infamous Chanukkah Bush burning/get together some friends and a couple of family members host each year (don't ask).

                  I like it when we're ALL together (Jews, Christians, agnostics, atheists and other assorted peeps of my tribe), but it wasn't to be this year.

                  I'm not into all the commercialization and I'm too green to go for riding in a car randomly looking at lights. Call me Scrooge on that one. I own it. It's me.

                  I see the holidays, whether Chanukkah, Christmas, Kwaanza, Solstice or Festivus for the Rest of Us as a time to share and give. If the crowds, televised holiday specials and commercialization get to you find a place to volunteer. There is nothing like serving dinner at a mission or a women and children's shelter.

                  If you love critters, animal shelters can always use the help.

                  Or just stay home and snug up with the one you love. There are many ways to share the holidays and some of the best have nothing to do with shopping or crowds or bad tv or even leaving your home.

                  Oh, and to Mr. Anonymous above? Your secret's safe. No way will we out and pull you from your "I hate Christmas" closet.


                    Yes this year is not going to be the best christmas for me as i'm just not feeling the spirit this year and not really in the mood for it. But i'll never know I might feel different on the day as i've had such a shit year it might turn out good for me.

                    Anyway Merry Christmas everyone.
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                      I used to hate Christmas. I still don't care much for it now, but I realize how important it is to my parents. They value the holidays if only for the time they get to spend with me. Our family is only my parents and myself, and I live 2.5 hours away, so I don't see them as often as they would like. I figure my dislike for the holidays is far less important than what it gives my parents.


                        I dislike the holiday season too. If I could just hibernate through the entire month of December, that'd be just fine with me!
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                          L love Christmas and all it stands for and I will not allow anyone to turn me against this holiday.

                          So, Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year full of good health, happiness and more prosperity.
                          You C.A.N.
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                            If christmas were a boy id kick it in the balls! FA LA LA LA LA,LA LA LA BOOT!


                              This video will probably annoy some of you because it's based on Christianity, but I think it may touch on some feelings from this thread.

                              source: a movement called Advent Conspiracy: