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Anyone Else Hate Christmas?

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    As long as there is plenty of food and a party, I’m in.


      As long as there is plenty of food and a party, I’m in.

      Don't know what happened to the puter here, but I can take two party’s.


        I've hated Christmas ever since my injury. I sit there in severe pain while everyone smiles and acts like they're thankful. Well, thank you so much God for all my blessings or lack there of...

        "God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, The courage to change the things we can, And the wisdom to know the difference."

        Serenity Prayer


          adi, that pic was inappropriate, we have children on this website.


            Originally posted by Jim View Post
            adi, that pic was inappropriate, we have children on this website.
            ??????? on this thread?

            PS--Edited to say that a Moderator contacted me and let me know what I missed here...I was sorry for confusing everyone else!

            Take care, everyone!

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              I don't really hate Christmas but don't enjoy it like I use to and this year I have no Christmas spirit at all. It would make me happy if my niece called and said lets skip Christmas this year. I hate watching people spend money they don't have and going in debt to buy that "perfect" gift. I like giving gifts but if I couldn't afford to I wouldn't.

              The holidays to me are about getting together with family and friends having a nice meal and conversation along with a few drinks. Think that is why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because my family celebrates it just like we do Christmas (dinner and get togethers) minus the decorations and gifts. The lack of gifts is what makes Thanksgiving my favorite holiday.

              Having said that I didn't care for Thanksgiving this year either lol. Its building our new home that is causing my lack of spirit. Be nice next year when we are in our new home for the holidays and I can actually enjoy the season.
              A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject. ~Winston Churchill


                Thanks Para-trooper and bdvaneven. You've pretty much summed it all up. You are not alone.


                  Good for you Betheny...every girl needs new bling. You deserve it after the year you have had. Don't let anyone know they are real though, or they might end up in some pawn shop somewhere unbeknownst to you.

                  Paratrooper; I know how you feel, I guess. My family doesnt see me anymore either. I have seven brothers and sisters and haven heard anything at all from them since I got hurt in 2006. I've only seen my own kids once in the past year. One lives 40 miles away and the other 5 miles. Neither of them has to wrassle a wheelchair everywhere they go. Not even a phone call for my birthday or thanksgiving. I didn't die that day. (maybe I look worse than I think I do )

                  I'm going to sit quietly with a large glass of eggnogg and brandy. A couple of those and I wont care that it is a crappy holiday.
                  Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess


                    The Christmas spirit left me many years ago.
                    The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom
                    --General George Patton

                    Complex problems need to be solved collectively.
                    ––Paul Nussbaum


                      Skippy13, I am an only child...well, I'm an adult now...but anyhow...

                      I would give ANYthing to have had brothers/sisters...

                      I would be in such close contact with them if I had them that they would have to tell me to back off...sighhhhhh.

                      Take care!



                        The crowds at the mall havn't been an issue this year. Enonomy bug has kept the numbers down. It was almost like an episode of Twighlite Zone at the Mall of America today. I could actually wheel in and out every store without playing murder ball with the other mall rats.
                        If I was meant to have wheels under my ass, what the hell are these legs for?



                          I called them all the time until I realized that they never called me. I rarely talked about me, just inquired about them and their families, making sure they were all OK. I guess they dont talk to each other either, so it is not just me. They have never ever been to my home even though they were formally invited many times. I just quit calling to see if they would ever call me and they never did. When my Mom died, I guess our connection to each other did too. Happens I guess.
                          Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess


                            I used to love Christmas and then my dad passed away on December 27 in 2002. For the past six years, I have tried to run from anything fun during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year though, it seems my sadness is passing.

                            I just moved into the cutest little rental home. I have a roaring gas log fire. My mom left yesterday going back home after moving my stuff from North Carolina. My daughter decided to go back home today. I should be sad. This will be my first Christmas without her. I realize too that she is grown. I cherish those childhood Christmas memories all the more because she is all grown up.

                            But then I start thinking of how blessed I really am. I had money to bring my family to me even if it was because they were moving me. My daughter drove 2500 miles just to see me. I am hoping this makes her appreciate me more than she ever has because I truly do love her.

                            I have depended on the big hearts ( and I mean huge hearts) of my coworkers and staff to help get me into this place. I have never depended on others and they gave of themselves selflessly to help me get here. I have a wonderful job that I do enjoy. Depending on someone other than family is a huge step for me because I dont trust easily. This little town has been so good to me. Everyone smiles at each other. There are no four way stops in my home town because people would be fighting at them. But here people just wait their turn.

                            God gave me the courage to do all these things. I do believe that. I could not have set out on this journey if I didnt believe God had a plan and a place for me.

                            We did all this moving in a horrible snow storm but yet everyone was here helping my family tote boxes into the house. My poor little dogs are still trying to pee in 12+ inches. We got the budget truck stuck and my neighbors stopped to even ask if they could help. The mail lady was taking her mail truck and pushing people out that were stuck.

                            I guess what I am trying to say is that even though I will be alone this Christmas, I certainly don't feel alone. I have spent many Christmases with my family and still felt alone during the past six years.

                            I feel I can finally move on and enjoy Christmas the way it is meant to be spent. I also didnt do alot of shopping this just takes all the joy out of Christmas.

                            However, I did send lots of cards this year. This year it wasnt a chore to sit down and think about every person or family that i am blessed to call my friends. The best thing was the unexpected joy I got from just thinking about all my friends even if I have only seen some of them in pictures.

                            I do feel blessed and I guess that is all that matters. I guess this year it is safe to say that yes I am counting my blessings........
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                            My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown


                              People shouldn't wait until Christmas to do these things to each other.
                              No one ever became unsuccessful by helping others out


                                Christmas use to bother me because I was injured on that day.
                                I learned to get over it...somewhat.

                                I love giving presents. Not because it's Christmas and I'm suppose to, I just like finding things my loved ones will enjoy. Something I know they need, or something they mentioned months before.

                                This is the second year I've put up my little tree. I like to turn all the lights off and just sit with the Christmas tree lights on. And I got an early present tonight. My bf slipped a box under the tree when I wasn't looking. Blue topaz and diamond necklace. It's so beautiful. Yay me.
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