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Anyone Else Hate Christmas?

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    I adore Christmas with my entire heart and spirit. I wish the entire year were like the month of December with autumn weather.

    I know there are many who go into depression during this season, but it has the reverse effect on me.

    On a religious note, Christmas is a time of reflection on the possibility of God's existence and His enduring love for us shown through Jesus Christ, another possibility based on belief. Although concerned by doubt, I always sincerely wish for God's presence in the afterlife.

    On a secular note, Christmas is also a wonderful time for family and friends to gather and be merry with one another.

    Let's not forget the beautiful music that accompanies the season of Noël.


      Originally posted by fuentejps View Post
      damn dude, hate xmas..........HELL NO. IM LIKE A FUCKING 5 Y.O. KID. I LOVE IT...

      friends , family, singing, eating, parties. big fun.
      X2.....dig the holidays big time! Wish the snow this weekend is a monster storm!!! Would make my Christmas the grooviest....