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Home alone for the holidays

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    Turn up the stereo, 'dance' about the living room. Hang out naked. Talk to yourself. Take good care of yourself, and rest. Sleep till the crack of noon on Saturday. Plan a special surprise for your wife for when she returns. Enjoy the down time, because with kids you dont get that very often until they leave for college.
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess


      Alot of great ideas here Dale. I went thru this a few weeks ago. Wife went to Hawaii for two weeks,sure was quiet here. Shows who the kids like. No one all day 21 yr old son showed his face a couple of time lookin for food, otherwise, I got movies 99centers, I'd take 5-6 movies to the ctr, guy'd say, welp, that'll be $4.26. I never did figure out the math in that, but I took em and watched alot of old odd ones, some were pretty good.
      Cook yourself something good, a real treat, or a dinner w/ some friend.
      Dude, enjoy the solitude. I saw the word diaper, kids that young, enjoy it now, you got teens coming in the future.
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        I've combined my supper shift with my bedtime shift for three days a week and I'm having a tough time adapting to not being alone. It really feel strange having somebody in my space for five hours straight.


          (eta- holy mackerel this is too long. WTF? I need to learn to be more succinct, for sure.)

          Well, we couldn't take it any longer. Amy, Eli, and Ben are in the car heading home.

          Let's see...what did I accomplish this week...

          - I realized I enjoy being alone but that I enjoy the companionship of my family much more.

          - I proved I can clean a mean house. The house is spotless. Don't you just hate coming home from a vacation to a messy house? Unfortunately, I can't un-ring this bell. Now she knows!!!!!!

          - Every bit of laundry and dishes are done. Do you know what I found out? We don't have enough clothing or dish storage space to hold all of our clothing or dishes when every bit of it is clean! This is a problem, for sure. It certainly explains why there is ALWAYS laundry or dishes to do!

          - Collected ~50 eggs from our 8 hen hutch. Nice. The neighbors love them, too! Almost lost a hen on Thursday. I waited too late to put them up and she had roosted up in a tree. I can manage chickens when they are on the ground, but not in the trees! time to clip some wings.

          - Wake-n-baked a few days. Hadn't done that in ~15 years. I could stand to not do it for another 15. Eeesh. Does wonders for the spazzing but kills my motivation to move. I don't know how I managed school on that stuff, daily. Jeeeze.

          - I watched the construction crew do as much work in one week as it took the last crew to do in 2.5 months. Almost done, too! Once the gutters are up and piped to the cistern we'll be all set. After all the BS of this renovation, starting in May, I'm about 2 days from being DONE. Holy crap this feels good. I think it was worth staying home for this feeling. It took every bit of what I had left from savings (after 'the crash') to accomplish this project. This really stings, but I would trade any amount of money I have ever had, which is not very much, for the ability to do as much for my family and friends as possible, without it.

          - I stood in my frame for a couple hours a day. Never had that kind of time before. Helped my clonus a lot, for sure. And the BP. Let's just say I'm not going to be drinking coffee in a standing frame any time soon, again. What a freakin' mess, all the way down my pants leg, over my shoes, then on to the floor. Sweet. Everybody poops.

          - I had my best mate over, TWICE, in the same month! Hell, it was twice in the same WEEK! We went to play some Disc Golf. A very chair friendly, relaxing sport. We played some XBox. Wrote some tunes. We had fun, for sure.

          - I read a couple books I had been pecking at for months.

          - I worked on my chairs some. Tweaking the GT seating to be better for throwing Discs. Added a snow board binding as a waist strap, an extra calf strap to hold the feet down, and I put the OEM ergo scissor brakes on and set them up to work on the knobbies. Having a chair locked to the earth is the only way to throw! D's locks are horrible for achieving a good 'clamp' in place. Too much wiggle.

          - I made it up to the 2nd floor of a Lego DeathStar I'm building. ~4k pieces and 300 build steps. I'm on step 80ish. I was able to sort the pieces into a tool box for easy storage and easier building. Well worth the effort to sort by brick type and brick color! Build time flies by w/o having to hunt much for pieces.

          That's about it. Nothing too very exciting. Normal life stuff. I'm not sure what I would have done with another week to knock about! Probably a 'rinse and repeat' of above, actually. Minus the wake-bake.

          All in all flying solo for a week was net positive. I do miss my team, though. We're playing the game of life together, and you know what 'they' say: Together Everyone Achieves More!

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