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Dogger was killed in an accident

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    I didn't know him, but after reading these posts it's obvious his life was a blessing and a gift to many. May his family and friends here find comfort in that knowledge, and may he rest in peace.


      Originally posted by november View Post
      I was going to post that today...I remembered it with a smile last night!
      Wise was the two faces, Dogger the beer mug, I think Seneca(antiquity) was a pair of lips, and I was the butterfly. What were you Cheesecake?

      It's crazy we had so much access to Wise then.
      We all chatted about SCI, but mostly just about friends.
      I really needed that too because I was newly injured.

      Novie: At first I was the duck but so was Marmalady so I was the Yin/Yang...describes Peter and my friendship quite well. I miss that first chat room. And the people who filled it.

      The chat I remember had to do with Lulu . . . he was talking one night about trying to comb her hair. I grew up with 5 brothers, and I liked so much the way he talked about that little girl and how she held her own. It's a special man who sees his daughter like that.
      One night I was chatting with Peter and he had gotten LuLu a bead set for Christmas and a mini sewingmachine as well. He IM'd me to find out how to thread a needle. He read the book and he and Lulu made something together. The bead kit....he sat with her and she beaded. Lulu's hair was the topic of many a conversation I guess. I had to explain "No More Tangles" to him. Those are sweet memories.

      Another one was the first Christmas that I met Dogger. The Stars were 6 or seven. To save money and driving, the kids used to use the razors and shave Peters hair. He had it on webcam. In the middle of chat, the kids grew bored and headed outside to play. The haircut was finished a day or two later. I laugh thinking of that, only Dogger would go around with a 1/2 shaved head, waiting patiently.

      Gotta love the man!
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      Every day I wake up is a good one


        A Dogger Story

        I remember from that chat room so long was just a couple of months after I was separated from my husband when I went out to mow the lawn myself. This was not my job ever in my life but I was determined and stubborn. I remember pulling the rope on the lawn mower after I poured the gasoline in. The smoke coming out the back was thick and the mower sounded funny so I came in and signed in the chatroom. Dogger asked me me questions and then asked me what kind of oil I had put in the engine. I said, "oil, what oil??", "this needs oil too?"

        He commenced to coaching me to buy a mower for my new house that plugged into the wall. Best advice I ever got.


          World Traveler just reminded me

          that the old online journal in Caregivers is full of some great examples of dogger's peculiar mix of flirt and seriousness and warmth.

          Look here, starting at about post #199 for a conversation that captures some of that.

          Dogger's special training ranch for disabled husbands . . . ah, yes. He comes into the scene at post #204, and it gets better from there.


            This is so sad. My deepest sympathy to Doggers family and all who knew him.

            I know he loved his ranch as we did chat about horses a couple times.

            RIP Dogger
            Mom to Heather, age 16, T-12, 8 years post & Michael, age 19.


              I remember IMs and emails before we had chat. And I remember most that he and I were mates. I might be a woman but we had both been quiet time warriors. He was Oz Air Force and I had been US Army but we both acknowledged that those were some of the best days of our lives. Neither of us were cut out to be lifers though. We wrote of our love of farms for me and ranches for him. Just before he lost his internet service I had asked if besides lambing he did the slaughtering. Mercy! You'd have though I'd asked him to take out his kids. It's not that mutton never hit the table but there are types of farmers. My Grandpa taught me to loove the soil that grew soy and corn and how to are for it. Peter came to ranching on his own.

              To his Stars, including LuLu, he was rather quietly proud of his time with the AAF. He thought it gave him strength, the thrill of travel and the know if the time come, well, he'd protect that land he loved to the end. I am sure he would be smiling down on yous if you all took a term while finding yourself. I once mentioned singing around the bonfire when my Battalion's rugby team came back after dealing with an Aussie team back in West Germany Waltzing Matilda. He sent me a copy much like this where Gallipoli was both a horrendous loss to Australia and the Crown and a win to ANZAC. I still find it brings me sadness but not tears.

              I had meant to write to him more regularly once his access was back but I figured it would just be a few months. To Liz, oh he kept you terribly quiet excepting the new smile in his words the past couple years. I was a mate though so I doubt I would have gotten details. My condolences. To his Stars, his threelets, you were his life.


              Ga' Night Mate. Save me one of those Fosters at the Celestial Circular Bar and I'll do a down-down when I arrive.
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              Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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                FRY, Peter Henry. Tartulla, Mitchell. Proud and loving Father of Bill, Harry and Laura. Dearly loved Son of June and Buster (dec'd). Much loved Brother of Diane, Susan, Bill (dec'd), and Brother-in-law and Uncle of their Families. Tragically taken. Full Funeral details to appear in a later edition of the Toowoomba Chronicle.

                I don't know that I could really believe he was gone until I saw this. It seemed like it just couldn't be true.

                I am sure the tears will stop sometime but I don't know when. I miss him very much.
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                  Hi Liz,

                  I am truly shocked to hear this terrible news! At the Symposium in Beijing, I was most happy and impressed to see that Dogger was accompanied by you. Ever since I have met you both, I have strongly felt that Dogger is so lucky to have you by his side.

                  I have known his name on CareCure for years with very good reputation! His sudden death is a great loss to the SCI Community and the field of SCI research. He is a man of honor and I am so pleased to have finally met him. I miss him....I really do.... Please do not hesitate to write to me whenever you want to share your feelings!!!!!!!

                  I love U and Dogger


                    Originally posted by orangejello View Post

                    I don't know that I could really believe he was gone until I saw this. It seemed like it just couldn't be true.

                    I am sure the tears will stop sometime but I don't know when. I miss him very much.
                    You're right!! Something like this seems "couldn't be true" and you find it real hard to accept the truth. Life experience tells me that, very often, bad things always happen to the best people. Dogger is a real man who doesn't deserve this!!


                      This is too bad. I always hate to see the good ones go.

                      No one ever became unsuccessful by helping others out


                        Godspeed, Dogger. When I heard the news, my first thought was that this remarkable spirit is now free, and I pictured him jumping that horse again, over the fences on his land.

                        Dogger touched so many lives. He had the rare gift of knowing when to joke about, when to offer support, and most rare, was a truly honorable man.

                        My family will always remember his visit to us, and now those memories are even more precious.


                          What was Doggers task at the SCI cure board in Australia he was supposing to working at just before this sad thing happened? I see none has mentioned it, but it would have been nice to know since he was working so hard for SCI cures too.


                            This is a message that I received from Dogger's family:

                            This is a really difficult time for all of us.
                            I hope you are coping ok, we have read a lot of the messages on the care cure site and they have provided some comfort to the kids and also provoked some rather interesting conversations when remembering "going's on"
                            Please pass on our thanks to everyone"


                              I never knew him, and I think I missed out on knowing a vvery special person. My heart goes out to his friends and family, and especially his children.

                              Is there a story behind the "mon stars"?
                              T7-8 since Feb 2005


                                I never knew him either, but my prayers are with his family, especially his children.