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  • Anyone here with Sirius radio...

    if you happen to be a Led Zeppelin fan, Channel 12 is playing a whole bunch of Led Zeppelin stuff along with Robert Plant and Jimmy page stuff. A lot of which I've never heard. It's really wild to hear some of the stuff that you haven't heard on albums and how much it has a blues riff. Besides that, what's your favorite channel? I'd definitely say lithium 24 is my favorite, playing almost all my favorite songs from the mid to late 90s. It just brings back so many memories of my party days and my more favorite times of my life. The classic vinyl station, channel 14, is really good to, along with octane 20, playing some of the modern hard rock of today.
    If you don't have Sirius radio, I highly recommend it. It's worth the $20 a month plus I pay an extra four dollars a month to get the high quality over the Internet stuff to play through my home theater computer through my stereo. I guess there's some programs out there where you can record it to, but I'm not really interested in that because I have almost all my favorite songs in MP3 anyways from back in the Napster days.
    What's your favorite kind of music?
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    I've had mine since How jumped over to satellite, why do you pay $20 I pay 12 95. Yeah I'm really digging the Zepplin channel, I'm happy they play Robert Plant's solo stuff, I'm a big fan of his earlier solo stuff (pictures at eleven, principle of moments), I haven't heard them play any of The Firm yet but I'm sure they have. I like classic vinyl too, some of the other channels are buzzsaw, hair nation lol. I checked out a dallas game once but I didn't like whoever was calling the game, it sucked.
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      Oh yeah and for those with XM I wonder if they get the same channels.
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        Nope, I have XM and its different channels, I'm thinking about cancelling it. The sound quality is not very good and I'm not really listening to it very much even though I have it in both cars. I'm really thinking about going with a HD module to get HD FM radio plus its free.
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          I really like octane 20, that's about all I listen to , I would be lost with out sirius!
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