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  • For the foreign film buffs

    I give you a touching yet violent childhood vampire romance from Sweden.

    låt Den Rätte Komma In / Let the right one in


    Hard to explain, but for myself, I find that foreign films can better capture the stillness of the human spirit onscreen.

    The boy and girl are against the world, for me touching.
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    You can count the buffs of foreign + horror on the toes of no feet but I did spend most of an enjoyable two hours watching this in the wee ones last night.

    Thanks Joe. I wouldn't call it touching but in delivers on the levels of the exotic and the novel.
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      My brother is a classic movie buff, especially old horror and cult films. I think "Freaks" is his all-time 5 star favorite. He called me a few mornings ago (musta been Friday??) to tell me it was being shown on the Turner Classic Movies channel so I watched it again. If you're interested, it will re-air Jan 16, 04:45AM... I'm on their "Remind Me" list so I can call my brother up and remind him to watch it. Again!

      Just yesterday he had me order him an old German horror flick called "Vampyr". Whoda thunk Germany produced any horror films... that is until after the Nazi Party was formed in 1933 and the propaganda and pep-talk foreign horror films began to flow. Vampyr is a foreign talkie but with very little dialog.

      What a great database Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has... over 150,000 titles. There's a lot of information there and even short video clips. Just click on the name of a cast member and voila, a short biography. Not every link works but it's still quite impressive just how easy it is for us to find information. The Internet sure makes it easy to learn about things and to hook-up with people who have similar interests. They have Forums/Message Boards there that you guys may be interested in. They have a Foreign Language Films Forum THERE. Including special forums for French and German films.

      Not a day goes by that my brother doesn't call me up to search the Internet for something... you know... Google for him. Mostly about movies but it can be for just about anything. He pisses me off big time. He has a damn phobia or something about computers. I swear, he doesn't know how to turn a computer on, and once it is on, how to move a damn mouse and click on the damn buttons. It's ridiculous. He doesn't work anymore... he's been liveing at Mom's house for the past year and mooches off of her. Which isn't too bad now since Mom is getting old and she needs to go to the doctors a lot and my brother helps her out in that regard. Driving her car and now without a driver's license. Grrr. Plus he's an ex-nurse so will be of more help to her as she ages. But I want to get him a laptop with wireless Internet so he can have this great resource at his fingertips. He can sit on the couch and watch Mom's new 42" widescreen LCD (as she's forced into her bedroom to watch the old 19" CRT) and browse the Internet for his own information and video clips and music etc. I just know that once he learns a little bit about what's available online and how easy it is access it that he'll come around and embrace the technology. He doesn't understand what he's missing out on especially since most of his interests can be found on the Internet. Movies and music mainly. I have to make it my mission to get him online. Everytime he's over here I try to have him move the mouse and click on a song or a webpage.... and he's like not interested in doing it at all. He wants me to do it. What!? Sorry, I had to vent.

      But anyway, he had me order him 2 DVDs yesterday. Vampyr and Arthur Lubin's 1943 version of Phantom of the Opera (1943).

      I enjoy reading Amazon's "Customer Reviews" of movies too. Some very knowledgeable movie buffs contribute their opinions and critiques there. There are 78 Customer Reviews for this FOTO release alone. There are bookoo releases of FOTO throughout the decades. The 1910 novel, the various musicals, movies, plays and soundtracks. Lots of information and opinion to enjoy.

      YouTube carries video clips of foreign films. Just type the title into the Search box and it's surprising what can be found there.

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