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Wheelchair Charging Project (Survey)

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  • Wheelchair Charging Project (Survey)

    We are a pair of college seniors who are working on a project for electric wheelchairs. This would basically be a ‘hands free’ charging station for wheelchair users, and we’re hoping that some people could take some time to answer some survey questions for us. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    There are two ways in which you can help us out. The first is through a set of questionnaires (there are 20 questions in total) that can be found at the following addresses:

    OR, if you would prefer, we have the same questions listed below. This way you can answer in whatever format you prefer.

    Once again, thank you very much,

    Matt & Ziad

    1.Do you or anyone you know use a wheelchair?
    2.Is the wheelchair electrically powered?
    3.Does the user typically need assistance getting in or out of bed?
    4.How close is the wheelchair left to the bed?
    5.How much free space do you have around your bed where you leave your wheelchair?
    6.If you do not need assistance, do you have a specific or preferred way of getting out of your wheelchair into bed? (Feel free to explain)
    7.How hard would it be to adjust or change this method if charging your wheelchair became easier as a result?
    8.If you need assistance, how much do you typically require?
    9.Are you unhappy with your current method of charging your wheelchair?
    10.How long does it typically take the wheelchair to charge?
    11.Do you typically disconnect the battery from the wheelchair when charging it?
    12.How long do you usually not use your wheelchair when leaving the battery to charge?
    13.When charging, is the wheelchair battery almost discharged or does it have a significant charge remaining?
    14.Do you typically have metal or magnetic objects near your bed?
    15.How much would you be willing to spend on a hands-free charging unit?
    16.Do you have pets or small children in your bedroom?
    17.How close do you have a wall socket to where you leave your wheelchair?
    18.How many batteries do you own for your wheelchair?
    19.Do you carry spare batteries with you?
    20.When do you most often charge the battery for your wheelchair?

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    Thank you to everyone who helped out and took the survey. If anyone else has any interest in doing so, there is now a single survey that combines the above two, available at

    Once again, Thank you very much


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