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Anyone do their own grocery shopping?

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    Originally posted by Imight
    Maybe you guys dont draw attention, but I do. It sucks. =P
    It sux but the time will come in the not-so-distant-future when it will so run off you like H2O off a duck's back that you'll hardly even notice. That's my experience at any rate. I'm sure it's because I give off a "don't fuck with me; I know what I'm about" vibe for the most part. When I want/need help I look around for the store staff or the sort of shopper that seems receptive. They're not hard to find and it's only when I'm pressed for time to get all the shopping I want done that not turning up someone quickly annoys me.
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      Because I use my power wheelchair as my convertible, I do not need assistance bringing the bags to car.

      With regards to shopping, the basket does not work for me as my arms are too weak, I am too clumsy, and keep dropping the basket as soon as it has stuff in it. I prefer stacking the stuff on my lap, and if I have a long list, I will simply request help from the store, and let them do the shopping cart driving. I too am spoiled by Publix and Winn-Dixie.

      Another thing I do, is cross one leg over the other. This way I can put stuff on 1 foot rest (milk, etc). Also, when it is not too hot, I bring my dog with me, then I just throw whatever I need on the floor, and ask her to pick it up, and give it to me.

      As for people offering help, what I have learned from them is: those who want to help you, often do it because they can relate to your situation, most of the time they have a relative/friend/whoever with a disability. Or they simply admire you because in spite of everything, you are still moving on and doing what has to be done. People who mean any kind of harm, physical or mental, will not offer to help you, they will rather block the way, be rude, or avoid you completely.

      Also, whenever you feel a thousand eyes watching you, stop, read any food label to distract yourself and change your frame of mind. Then go back to whatever you were doing. Ignore the world and the world will ignore you.

      Last but not least, I have discovered that when I have my dog with me, I no longer exist. If I ask her to pick something up for me, a person might jump to help HER. They will pick up the stuff, hand it to me, praise & pet her, and then walk away…

      Please note, I am not trying to justify people for offering to help. I simply do not believe it to be always harmful. I also believe that if we were ever to unite and do something with regards to public awareness, fund raising, etc. these people would be the easiest ones to get involved, as they already acknowledge us as normal human beings, rather than a terrible infectious contagious disease. Lets give them a break, as they can actually become handy at times.
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        You haven't been hurt long (LOL coming from an "old hand" of 3 years) but maybe you are feeling more conspicuous than you are? I also don;t tend to make eye contact with everyone, just roll on, smile if I do make contact, but don;t slow down or anything. It may circumvent the offers. I suspect you look more like you need help walking .... your hands are full for starters. Just go for it. You have done so well so far ..... it;s just one more thing.

        LOL .... my first thought .... hmmmm, young guy gets "do you need help" older woman doesn't =
        Originally posted by chick
        maybe they think your hot abd wanna ask you out.
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