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    I just normally tell the truth and then go on unless the person seems genuinely interested and I have time to talk then I'll go further into details. I normally try to be nice about it so I don't come off as another disgruntled disabled person.

    During one of the short conversations over the weekend I have decided what I hate more is the people that say stupid things like "Man you have it easy seeing around all day", "I'm so tired I wish we could swap places or I want to swap places". The idiots, I would swap places if I could so we could see and nothing is easy about it.


      Originally posted by Eileen
      I have to admit your idea of putting the cause of disability right there on a business card along with other pertinent information made me smile. There could even be a graphic of the internation wheelchair symbol and a slogan below, such as "make sure the tide is IN before you dive!"
      And a link to DoingTime's 'inspirational" video.

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        When I was in HS, I had to wait for the little yellow school bus to pick me up, so I was always late for school and had to get a hall pass to get to class. I was going to class and met this girl in the hallway. She looks at my lap area and asks "What happened?". I looked at my lap, saw the hall pass and with a puzzled look, said the bus was late. I wasn't trying to be a smartass, I just assumed everyone knew about my accident (small town news). It was still funny.
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          Funny, just the other day I took two of my wife's watches into a department store jewellery section to get new batteries. After the initial, "Hello. How are you's. How much for watch batteries. He asked, very politely, if I was a solider injured in Afganistan........ I thought it was funny and a bit of a compliment on my tough guy / bad ass yet clean cut good looks ;-) Anyway, I just told him the truth. He cringed and said that's awful. Then gave me a free battery!


            I don't know why, but the only people that bother me when they ask are at Walmart.

            I was not brought up to intrude on strangers. In my life, I have a lot of questions, too. "Have you seen those stretch pants from behind?" "Do you really think anyone over the age of 7 should be wearing Crocs out in public?" "You did know you weren't Lindsay Lohan when you bought those leggings, right?"

            My all time question I want to ask the most-"Are you familiar with the concept of the FULL LENGTH MIRROR?"

            But I don't ask, because that would be rude. I don't ask "What the hell happened to your hair?" Or "Did you know you just shared the private bits of your life, via public cellphone convo?"

            So I don't know why strangers feel free to ask me personal questions. And I feel that health-related questions are personal in nature.

            Nonetheless, I try to give a brief, polite answer. Granted, it is usually a lie, but I do try to lie politely!

            Next time, I'm going to say I hit an alligator while waterskiing. I've been wanting to use that one ever since I saw it here on CareCure!
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              Originally posted by addiesue
              lol when I was working at Walmart during my glorious transitional career some woman tried to pray over me. I told her Walmart didn't allow praying on the clock.


                Can you have sex?

                Not right now thanks, I'm a bit pushed for time.


                  Originally posted by Timaru
                  Can you have sex?

                  Not right now thanks, I'm a bit pushed for time.

                  I never get bothered when someone asks me what happened, better than assuming, and maybe they will change their behavior while driving after hearing about my car wreck (even though i secretly hate being made an example of). What gets annoying is when i say i have a spinal cord injury and they say "Oh so when are you going to walk again?" and they make me answer that question. I feel awkward after saying, "probably not for a while...*silence*...but i'm still truckin and enjoying life. They give me this look like yeah right. Thankfully no one's asked to my face if i can have sex or how i go to the bathroom, no idea how i'd handle that one! But i'll likely use Timaru's response
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                    I could care less if people ask me. What I tell them may save their lives someday. I usually say "Drunk Diving" and let them know how important it is to be careful around the pool especially if they're drinking. It stopped a lot of my friends from drinking by the pool anymore. They are all very careful anymore
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                    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.


                      Does'nt bother me.Id actually rather someone ask what happen than stare at me blankly,or try and avoid eye contact all together.If there comfortable enough to ask,im comfortable enough to tell them..especially kids.

                      Touch me and ask,is totally different situation!


                        I'm usully pretty free with the reason if asked, and always amazed to see the horrified look on people's faces when I tell them (it's either horror or uncomfortable laughter because they think I'm joking).

                        It's like... you knew it wasn't going to be a pleasant answer, so why are you so disturbed now? Yes it was making out with a guy and got bumped off a porch... Did you want me to tell you I'm only momentarily recovering from getting the rainbows removed from my ass? Should I say I had a head on unicorn collision?

                        Sometimes I think people expect me to say it was something more traditional injury-wise, but the truth pops out, and they realize they didn't really want to know such intimate shit in the first place. Hopefully they gain something from the experience, because the last thing I'm going to start doing is something as out of charachter as lying to spare some invasive strangers feelings, you know?
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                          Well let's see it's 5 words " A Building Fell On Me" and for the few that want more details I will always pull out pictures, and X-Rays, one even threw Up. Oh Well, "That's not Life, That's New York Life" that is how the commercial used to go.
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                            "This is all temporary right?"

                            I usually move my legs or stand and say "Yea I hope so"

                            The funny part was going to the pool hall with my friend. man o man did we draw a lot of attention. first off, if you play pool, you already know people size your game up. so I guess being in a wheelchair, they wanted to see what I was made of. I felt the stares (my friend is used to it) and then there was a shot I couldnt take sitting down, so I stood up, took the shot, scored the 8 ball. that was the last time I felt stares the rest of the night.

                            very very weird.
                            even more weird was the fact that I felt bad I wasnt drawing attention anymore. hahahaha


                              Originally posted by SCI-Nurse
                              So has anyone asked you two out of the blue if he can have sex?
                              I've been asked that question three separate times by total strangers who didn't even introduce themselves first. Twice I answered the question honestly. The only reason I didn't the third time is that I was out with friends, drinking, in a goofy mood and the chick who asked me was clearly so drunk that she wouldn't have remembered anything I told her anyway.

                              I figure that if someone is asking me that kind of question, they are looking at me as a sexual person and that is way better than being viewed as asexual.



                                I really haven't been asked often but normally it doesn't really bother me. I can only think of one man that annoyed me by asking and it was more the way he asked plus he kept asking questions about the accident and my life. Most the time the people that have asked know someone in a chair why that makes them feel they have the right to ask no idea, but whatever.
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